How to quickly rank up your Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal

If players want to get all the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass rewards, they will need to complete the in-game objectives within a time limit.

One of the characteristics of Diablo Immortal is its Battle Pass system, where players can rank up quickly if they know how. Battle Passes are common in free-to-play games and live services because they allow players to earn rewards for free, but players can earn even more rewards by paying real money. Either way, players are rewarded for playing the game, which is especially important in multiplayer games such as Diablo Immortal.

Every Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal lasts one season, a little over a month. If players complete their objectives, they will earn battle points. These Battle Points are represented by a special yellow orb icon, and if players have enough of them, they will rank up the Battle Pass. Battle Points and Ranks work the same way as Experience Points and Levels in Diablo Immortal and countless other games.


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There are a total of 40 ranks in Diablo Immortal Battle pass. The game recently released on PC and mobile, so there’s plenty of time to rank up for Season 1. However, players are limited in how many Battle Points they can earn in a week, so it’s important to be strategic and get them before time runs out.

How to rank up Battle Pass quickly in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Activities

Players should make sure they complete the activity objectives before the end of the week to get the maximum amount of Battle Points possible for that week. They can check it by clicking on the Codex. From there, navigate to Diablo Immortal Battle Pass menu. Players can choose between Guide, Activities and Quests. The guide acts as a tutorial, so players earn them just by playing the game. Activities include completing bounties or rifts, which is familiar to Diablo 3 players. Activities are those where players are limited in the number of Battle Points they can earn. Players can also check how much they have won for the week on this screen.

Every Monday it resets, and then players can earn more battle points through activities. Seasonal quests are issued every few days and do not count against the Battle Point activity cap. Players have until the end of the season to complete the quests. Players must do them to reach the maximum rank of 40. Once they do, they earn special rewards as gifts of renown. These drop Scrap Handles and Materials, which are great for upgrading gear in Diablo Immortal.

All players earn rewards on Diablo Immortal Free Battle Pass track, but below that is the Empowered track. Players can purchase an Empowered Battle Pass for $4.99 to get the rewards on the Empowered track. It’s also possible to purchase the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass for $14.99. This gives players a rank boost and cosmetic items. So, although players can spend money, there is no need to play and enjoy the game, and players can still get plenty of rewards.

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Diablo Immortal is available on Android, iOS and PC.

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