Hyper Scape’s Shutdown Illustrates the High Standards of Battle Royale Games

While the subgenre’s popularity has dimmed a bit in 2022, there used to be a new Battle Royale game released as often as skins arrived. fortnite. Whether it’s an independent effort like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and spell breakor AAA studio efforts like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, battle royale games come in all shapes and sizes. Several AAA publishers have managed to find success solely by adapting existing franchises into the popular shooter format, though not all have enjoyed equal success. from Ubisoft Hyperscape fell into the latter category, and its shutdown plan underscores that.


Too much, Hyperscape was dead on arrival, even though the game really showed a lot of promise in a crowded market. While many battle royale games tend to be relatively formulaic in their design, thanks to the most popular battle royale games setting a fundamental example, Hyperscape tried to experiment with the formula. Loot and abilities work on a relatively simple upgrade system, while the map design pursued some interesting ideas that few other battle royale games have replicated. However, the game’s unique ideas were all ended with numerous missteps that ultimately only made Hyperscape enjoyable for a short while.

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Hyper Scape had potential, but fell apart quickly


Before its official release, Hyperscape followed a release formula similar to Apex Legends and Valorant; trying to build a player base on the bottom floor of the Twitch community. Tons of streamers big and small were invited to the game’s first technical test to show Hyperscape to all their viewers. The sponsored streams naturally drew a ton of viewers to the game, with several thousand viewers tuning in. Hyperscapefirst private test of July 2020. Hyperscape had a ton of promise before the game launched, but viewership faltered Hyperscape‘s on launch day in August, drawing a fraction of the tech test’s Twitch audience.

Even in comparison with fall guyslaunched a week earlier, the Annihilate-the Battle Royale-inspired platformer still had several thousand viewers after launch. Allowed Hyperscape and fall guys are two very different flavors of battle royale games, but Hyperscape just wasn’t attracting the same number of viewers as before. Ultimately, Ubisoft ended up being the final straw for oversaturated the battle royale market at the time. games like fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legendsand even PUBG were always very popular, both from the point of view of players and spectators.

That being said, the game was by no means particularly underrated. Many gamers have really enjoyed the concepts of Hyperscapebut the execution of its experimental ideas wasn’t perfect and was just problematic enough to push players back after launch.

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Hyper Scape didn’t stand a chance next to Warzone, Fortnite


Ubisoft was betting big on Hyperscape when launching; a promising ambitious Twitch integration where viewers could vote on the next world-changing event in the game, as well as gameplay mechanics and design unlike any other Battle Royale game out there. Avoiding the standard “closing ring” design in favor of collapsing sections of a city made Hyperscape a resolutely urban, fast-paced and strategic battle royale. The game’s loot/weapons and gear were varied enough that there were many unique interactions possible in any given match at a time. Yet the worst possible problems plagued Hyperscape‘s sandbox, making it a hard game to recommend.

Many reviewers and players pointed out the deeply imbalanced loot pool throughout. Hyperscape, an issue that was fixed in upcoming patches, but left a bad impression on many. Weapons like the Hexfire were literal lasers with high accuracy at multiple ranges, meaning the loot variety didn’t make sense when the meta is focused on a few top tier weapons. Gear and hacks like Invisibility essentially acted like jail-free get-out-of-jail cards in combat, further encouraging passive gameplay. Additionally, the King of the Hill-style crown goal towards the end of each match encouraged camping as a legitimate strategy for winning, making the final seconds of the endgame relatively uninviting.

In a market where established franchises and new IPs had already captured battle royale lightning in a bottle, Hyperscape finally arrived a little too late. Coupled with gameplay issues at launch and the general disinterest of the Twitch community following its technical test, Ubisoft’s battle royale attempt had lost most of its momentum.

Already popular battle royale games demanded a higher level of quality from battle royale games that Hyperscape just didn’t, although the game improved in later seasons. Just a few years ago, competition between other battle royale titles was fierce, which meant that even a AAA publisher like Ubisoft could struggle to fit in next to Call of Duty: Warzone and fortnite. Fans know these games set the bar high, so jump into a relatively inferior battle royale with balance issues (compared to the already resolved metas of war zone, fortnite, Apex Legendsetc.), players simply did not find Hyperscape as worthy of their time.

Hyperscape the servers will be closed on April 28, 2022.

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