Indus Battle Royale will feature sniper rifles, Indo-futuristic themed Virlok map

SuperGaming Studios recently announced the Indus Battle Royale, which will be a cross-platform free-to-play game. Now, the studio has released a blog post regarding the game that reveals what we’ll see in terms of characters, weapons, maps, and the battle pass.

Starting from the default character, Indus will have Mythwalker. The character’s backstory is that he is a mercenary working for COVEN who discovers a mysteriously scientific ancient world known as Indus.

Apart from that, the game will also have a map named Virlok at the start. The map will be constantly evolving, as the studios claim. This indicates that the map could undergo major changes with each game update.

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What will we see in Indus Battle Royale?

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The first thing players look for in Battle Royale games are weapons and gameplay. The developers at Indus have already confirmed that it will have Assault Rifles, Snipers, and Hand Cannons at the start. In the future, new weapons will be introduced in the game according to the theme.

Looking at the details shared by the developers, the snipers in the game will be known as Ashvini. Apart from that, the gameplay of Indus will be quite similar to any other first person shooter. The developers said the game will also benefit from a third-person perspective in the future.

Moreover, the developers have also announced that the game will get a battle pass just like PUBG New State, BGMI or Call of Duty. Additionally, the game will run on Unity coupled with a custom sandbox shooter technology called Indus Engine. Previously, SuperGaming introduced the June engine for its FPS offering named MaskGun.

As we have seen in the case of BGMI and New State Mobile, how cheating can impact the game, Indus will enter the industry with an anti-cheat module. As mentioned by the developers, the game is going to incorporate a bunch of anti-cheat methods to ensure fair gameplay.

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