Is Deaddrop a Battle Royale?

Formerly known as Project Moon, Deaddrop is the multiplayer shooter created by Dr. DisRespect’s studio, Midnight Society. But what is it? It seems to draw inspiration from a multitude of games and genres. It seems to have a sort of battle royale feel to it, but it’s the closest thing to Escape From Tarkov.

Fans saw their first glimpse of the game over the weekend, giving it a slightly futuristic vibe.

Most likely it will drop a group of players onto a map and then it will work much like Tarkov. Players will scatter across the map in search of loot and items, while fending off other players. If you feel like you’ve had your fill, you’ll likely work your way up to extract points, allowing you to leave and take the treats with you. If you die, you lose everything you brought.

It is not known how many “maps” the game can have or if it will only be a massive open world, which has some servers. This means that players can drop into the open world with 100 other players and have a certain time limit to loot and hunt other players. This would be unique since Tarkov generally has shorter timeframes and smaller maps.

Players will need to earn beta access if they want to try out the new game. It still has a long way to go as it only has first-person access at the moment.

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