Leaked Tatanka Halo Battle Royale

Information pulled from Halo Infinite data exposes details about a secret game mode called “Tatanka”, which appears to be a battle royale.

Infinite Halo turned out to be a difficult game to master. Its launch was historic, with 20 million people registering at the end of January, thanks in part to the game’s free-to-play concept.

Besides its popularity, the most serious criticism leveled at the current installment of the franchise has been its lack of content. Adding a battle royale mode to multiplayer options, on the other hand, could provide some much needed variety.

According to new allegations, Infinite HaloThe battle royale mode will be a hybrid of several battle royale genres and principles. Infinite’s ambitious new mode, for example, combines multi-team and free-for-all gameplay with up to 100 players with conventional BR components like decreasing map areas.

Here’s everything we know about the Halo Battle Royale leak:

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Leaked Halo Battle Royale

According to a popular Infinite Halo Twitter account InfiniteLeaks, the leaks are scripts from the actual game mode. The mode is dubbed “Tatanka”. InfiniteLeaks also revealed the following information:

  • Multi-team Duos/Quads
  • 60-100 players
  • Supported bots
  • Reduction of containment zones
  • Massive open level
  • Activities include operations (missions), capture (king of the hill, territories), supply run (escort resources), destroy (attack specified areas), and treasure (secure resources)

The most important takeaway from the list above is that Tatanka seems to merge aspects of Infinite’s story into a battle royale style. Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) are locations in the campaign that serve as supply points for ammunition, grenades, weapons, and vehicles. These outposts are captured throughout the campaign by destroying the enemy forces inhabiting them, and they will presumably be used in the battle royale.

“Tatanka Gear Cache”, “Tatanka Ammo Pickup”, and “Tatanka Weapon Upgrade Chest” could all refer to FOB Weapon Pads, where players can earn weapon upgrades and a replenish gear by killing and helping other players.

Certain Affinity, the studio behind Halo 2’s acclaimed multiplayer, has been working on “Tatanka” for several years. “Tatanka” is a Lakota word that refers to an almost extinct buffalo as well as the first name of the famous Sitting Bull. It also refers to a wrestler who won a 40-man battle royal event.

Neither 343 Industries nor Certain Affinity has revealed any details about the massively ambitious new mode.

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