Map changes, battle pass, and more you should know

It’s official, Fortnite Chapter 3 has finally arrived. Players can expect to see major updates that officially went into effect on December 5th.

Each new chapter of Fortnite brings the upgrades, crossovers, and new characters needed for battle-royale style play. At the end of Chapter 2, players were introduced to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who will play the character “The Foundation”.

Let’s explore more of what we can expect to see with the final Fortnite chapter.

New Fortnite map and major changes in Chapter 3: reversed

At the end of Chapter 2, players saw the island they were playing on completely upside down to reveal a brand new island. There appear to be regions with varying conditions (i.e. snow, sand, greenery). It is presumed that the Queen of Cube was defeated – during the live event in Chapter 2, players heard her screams as the entire island toppled over.

Fortnite has released a trailer showing highlights for the new chapter, including new skins, new weather, and map locations. A highly anticipated skin is the new Spider-Man skin. Players will be allowed to customize and win with this chapter’s Battle Pass.

Some notable locations include The Sanctuary, home to The Seven, and The Daily Bugle, the famous Spider-Man diary headquarters. There are plenty of other places to visit, like Greasy Grove or Shift Shafts, so be sure to check out the new chapter to explore and discover new animals and NPCs. As the snow melts, rumor has it that the secrets of the island could also be revealed.

On December 11, you’ll be able to swing and fly high in the sky using Spider-Man’s web launchers, regardless of which skin you use. Some of Spidey’s friends and foes are also expected to enter the store at some point during this new chapter.

Chapter 3 Battle Pass

Chapter 3: Reversed will let you choose a free or premium battle pass path like in previous seasons. While the free pass may be sufficient for casual gamers, the premium battle pass offers a lot more value.

The Premium Battle Pass costs around 950 V-Bucks (around $ 10), and the biggest Battle Pass Pack is 2,800 V-Bucks (around $ 25). The Battle Pass has around 100 levels to unlock as you gain XP throughout the game. Like last season, you will be able to use Battle Stars to progress through the Battle Pass.

Speaking of XP, players can now earn XP in different game modes. For example, you can earn more XP by playing Creative mode, a new change to note. This means that players can still play their preferred mode without losing XP.

In 2019, over 200 million players had their accounts hacked, but there doesn’t appear to be any additional protection against hackers in this new season. That may change in future updates, as Epic wants to keep bots or hackers out of the game.

It is always suggested to check the Fortnite account help page if you have been hacked so that you can learn how to protect yourself and your account. Always keep your Fortnite game up to date with the latest version to avoid bugs or issues. No one wants to lose V-Bucks or Battle Pass progress.

New items for battle in Chapter 3

Here are some of the new weapons included in Chapter 3: Flipped:

  • Ranger assault rifle
  • MK-Seven assault rifle
  • Striker shotgun
  • Automatic hunting rifle
  • Stinger SMG
  • Handgun pistol
  • Sniper Hunter Bolt-Action

In addition, tents are now available. You can store three items to take with you between matches! To collect them in a new game, you will need to build a new tent or take over a deserted one. Your teammates can also interact with your tent by spending bars, and you can pick up your tent and move it to any location you want.

Another major change meant to transform the game for gamers is sliding to evade enemy fire and take out your opponents. Just press the crouch button while running to glide around the island!

As with every new chapter in Fortnite, there is a lot to explore, just log in and start your party!

Play Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1

This season is shaping up to be filled with new quests and fun ways to play the game. Make sure to visit Fortnite as Chapter 3: Flipped is perfect for new players or players looking to return to the beloved game.

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