Mixtape Massacre is the battle royale horror movie you’ve always wanted

But as powerful as you are, you are not alone. Somewhere in the town of Tall Oaks is a hero and a survivor, each ready to confront you and save the townspeople. Make too much noise through stages and supplies, and you’ll spawn a hero at your location, instantly sparking a fight. With two paths to victory available to you – collect at least 10 souvenirs or be the last killer standing – there’s just enough risk-reward calculus in “Mixtape Massacre” to keep you on your toes. No one wants to face the hero unarmed or with low hit points.

The heart of the game is the Killer Scenes deck, Dude. Each time you search for a location, you turn over a card and learn if the person on the other side is cowering or fighting back. These cards give the game its theme and aesthetic; the art style seems to draw inspiration from both pop comic artist Roy Lichtenstein and classic “Tales From the Crypt” numbers, giving “Mixtape Massacre” a unique look and feel, even among gaming horror society. And much like the killers themselves, Killer Scenes Dude draws heavily from classic horror tropes, giving you dozens of classic kills to enjoy as a group. As with anything rooted in the excessive tastes of ’80s horror, some of the jokes might have been better left on the cutting room floor, but a quick run across the bridge should get you personalize your gaming experience.

Of course, with any indie developer, you should expect a few details. Even for a second edition of the game, there are elements of “Mixtape Massacre” that need refinement. The rulebook is missing a few things that we now take for granted; organizing the rule sections into turn phases would have helped the table settle into a faster pace of play. And as someone who always starts every session with a brief synopsis of the narrative – why players should care about the mechanics and who wins – the game is in desperate need of explanatory text to bring this interesting world to life.

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