MOBA+ Battle Royale mashup Eternal Return is rolling out Season 5

Eternal Return, the well-received MOBA+ Battle Royale mashup developed by Nimble Neuron and published by Kakao Games, will release its 5th season with a bundle of content.

Eternal Return is a unique multiplayer online survival arena combining strategy and skillful play with an ever-growing number of test subjects struggling on the mysterious and sinister island of Lumia. Players can tackle the game solo or in teams to prove their strength, abilities and intelligence.

Eternal Return Season 5: Ghostly Presence, features a number of updates and new content, including Spirit Hunter skins, with a dark and brooding style for the characters.

Moreover, the game has added active items with powerful abilities. Special gear will create a virtual inventory that can be used to add special skills to your arsenal, creating an extra layer of strategy to gameplay. For team fights, an automatic reroll has also been implemented to allow teammates who died before a certain point in the game to join their compatriots.

Plus, a brand new character arrives in the form of Laura, a skilled ghost thief who can steal a win right from under your nose.

Finally, the newest and most substantial addition to Eternal Return is the upcoming 4v4 Ranked, a frenetic and streamlined game mode that pushes teams into a more lethal and compact battle arena to fight for territory and supremacy over their enemies. It’s a new approach to gaming with an esports-centric base. Further details on this exciting new mode will be announced closer to its debut.

The Eternal Return Season 5 Bundle is available for 6,400 NP at 70% off, the in-game currency, until March 2. The pass comes with the ER pass, 6 characters, 11 skins, emotes, and more.

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