Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Release Date Alongside Season 1

The absence of a Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass at launch follows the trend of previous Call of Duty games.

Although there is an area of ​​the menu for the Battle Pass, it is currently grey – simply because it hasn’t been launched yet.

Of course, the game doesn’t tell you that – so don’t feel silly wondering why it’s currently unreachable.

This page explains the Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Release Date as well as what you can expect next (Warzone fans have a lot to look forward to…)

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Why Modern Warfare 2’s Battle Pass is greyed out and not working

At launch, Modern Warfare 2’s Battle Pass is not available – simply because it is not launched yet.

Although it appears in the menu navigation, it’s grayed out and inaccessible – merely acting as a placeholder for when it arrives.

Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass greyed out and not working? You’re not alone.

If you were wondering, the Hardcore Tier 1 modes aren’t available at launch either – but unlike the Battle Pass, this doesn’t have a confirmed date in the log.

When is the Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass released?

The Modern Warfare 2 battle pass has a November 16 release datethis is when season 1 also arrives.

This follows previous modern Call of Duty games, which all launched with a “pre-season” period before the full first season, complete with a Battle Pass and two free weapons to unlock.

Season 1 is also significant as it also sees the debut of Warzone 2.0 – the revamped and relaunched version of the free-to-play battle royale game.

Season 1 is also the arrival of Warzone 2.0.

Stuck in multiplayer? We have explanations for setting up an M4 loadout, M16 loadout, and FSS Hurricane loadout. At launch, you might be wondering where the Battle Pass and Hardcore Tier 1 modes are. Elsewhere, find out how to disable crossplay on PlayStation and Xbox, get and use Double XP, verify KD, and unlock all MW2 Operators. Play the story? We have an explanation of the duration of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign and all the safe code combinations.

The idea of ​​delaying Season 1 and the Battle Pass is that players will be stuck in basic multiplayer games first. It also gives you time to unlock weapons, operators, and familiarize yourself with the game before Season 1 and Warzone 2.0 arrive.

It also gives you time to complete the story – we have details on how long the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will be – by the way – if you fancy rushing it before Season 1 and getting a few multiplayer unlocks at the same time. .

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