New Skins, V-Bucks, Battle Pass and more

Another month, another new Fortnite Crew Pack! If you’re a subscriber to Epic’s fantastic value service, you know that every month you get an awesome new set of skins and cosmetics, V-Bucks, and the latest Battle Pass (or compensation if you already own it) .

As each new month approaches, leaks are quite common, and it looks like the full April 2022 Crew Pack is out in the wild. We’re awaiting an official announcement from Epic and the day now, but let’s take a look at what’s been shown so far.

Fortnite Crew Pack: April 2022

The April 2022 Fortnite Crew Pack will bring us the Sayara skin alongside her dual axes, back, and weapon.

There’s a really cool black and neon pink color scheme used throughout the cosmetics that will look amazing when you take on the IO through The Flipside.

As this is the first new Crew Pack since the seasons changed, you will also receive the Season 2 Battle Pass. If you are a little impatient and can’t wait, you will instead receive 950 V-Bucks in compensation. This is in addition to the standard 1,000 V-Bucks offered as part of the monthly subscription.

What is the Fortnite Crew Pack?

The Fortnite Crew Pack is a monthly recurring payment of £9.99 / $11.99 accessible at the bottom of the in-game Item Shop page. You can cancel your subscription anytime and on the day you sign up service is considered your future billing date each month.

Fortnite April 2022 Crew Pack
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Every month, many advantages are offered to you.

There are sometimes additional perks outside of Fortnite gameplay, such as a Spotify subscription. These are rare but can occur from time to time.

The Fortnite Crew Pack cannot be paid for via V-Bucks or store credit, as an active billing method is required to register.

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