Old Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards could return


The players know that Apex Legends Battle Pass skins are exclusive to those taking advantage of BP. Apparently that could change in the coming seasons.

Like any other battle royale game, Apex Legends offers a Battle Pass that includes exclusive items, including skins. For some time now, players who purchase each season’s Battle Pass have been able to brag about owning certain skins. Apex Legends players consider battle pass skins to be rare, as owning a BP is the only way to acquire them.

However, Apex Legends Garret leak suggest that these skins will no longer be scarce as they could potentially return to stores. He said Respawn has made several changes to the information regarding battle pass rewards on their FAQ website. Originally, Respawn mentioned that the battle pass rewards will never return once a new season begins. Then they changed that info to mention that the rewards could return in Season 10, which didn’t happen. Therefore, the developers have again changed this information by stating that battle pass rewards will return from Season 11. Previous battle pass rewards will return through special events and promotions in the store.

This is totally disappointing for battle pass owners, as their skins will now lose value. Some players are suggesting that Respawn should bring in a recolored version of the Battle Pass skins instead. This way, the original battle pass skins still retain their prestige. As for those who do not have a Battle Pass, this is great news for them as they now have the option to claim once rare skins.

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