Overwatch 2’s Kiriko Unlocks Halfway Through Season 1 Battle Pass

If you’re serious about unlocking Kiriko for free, get ready to grind.

Overwatch’s long-awaited sequel is just over two weeks away. However, the difference between the system of Overwatch 2 and the original does not suit long-time players. Especially now, Blizzard has revealed how long it will take some players to unlock their first new hero, Kiriko.

As reported by PC Gamer, it has now been revealed that Kiriko won’t be unlocked until level 55 of Overwatch 2’s free battle pass. the free path, it’s probably safe to assume that getting to level 55 will take some time. Completing three daily challenges will net you 9,000 XP, and you need 10,000 XP to reach level two.


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It has not been revealed if the amount of player XP needed to unlock higher tiers increases exponentially. Even if it doesn’t, that means anyone who doesn’t want to pay to unlock Kiriko any other way will need to grind at least 54,000 XP during Overwatch 2’s first season to get it. Blizzard clarified that there will be other opportunities to unlock heroes that players may miss in the future, but did not explain exactly how they will be able to do so.

The good news is that there are other ways to unlock Kiriko, but most of them are going to cost you. The new healer will be playable for anyone who purchases the Season 1 premium battle pass. $10 and no grind needed, plus a few other perks and whatever else can be unlocked on the premium path. Kiriko is also part of the $40 Watchpoint bundle since the premium Battle Pass for the first season is also included in this bundle.

The only other way for players to unlock Kiriko without grinding is to claim the Founder’s Pack. Anyone who owns the original Overwatch will be able to do so for free as long as they do so before the end of the sequel’s second season. The future of the Overwatch Blizzard studio also remains uncertain as investigations and lawsuits related to the numerous allegations made against Activision Blizzard and some of its employees continue.

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