Path Of Exile added a Battle Pass and a lot of players don’t like it

Path of Exile has added its first battle pass – and like many games that attempt to do something new, the execution isn’t quite right for fans.

The Kirac’s Vault pass costs $30 and requires players to complete objectives in the Atlas of Worlds to unlock eight cosmetic bonus skins and effects for “popular endgame items.” There are 117 goals in total to complete, with one reward given on purchase and the other seven given out approximately every 17 achievements. The pass will expire after the end of the current league and its rewards will no longer be available after that.

Fan responses to the Kirac’s Vault pass have been almost universally negative, and it’s not hard to see why. Skins are only usable for a select group of endgame items that even experienced players might not own or use in their builds. The $30 price tag is considered too high given the limited number and nature of skins. And while I can’t speak to the amount of work needed to achieve those goals, having over a hundred seems like an extraordinary amount of effort that needs to be locked into about three months, the typical length of a league. . FOMO a lot?

We’ll see if Grinding Gear Games keeps the Kirac’s Vault pass as is or makes some adjustments while it’s still in progress. In any case, we expect things to be handled differently if another pass is announced for the next league – unless people actually buy this one, despite so many people going there. oppose.

Jason Winter

Jason Winter, news editor
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