Project Aurora is Call of Duty’s new mobile battle royale

Activision has announced Project Aurora, the codename for its upcoming Call of Duty mobile battle royale.

According to a Press releasethe game entered the alpha phase of development with a limited number of players who tested it, directly invited by Activision.

“The closed alpha is limited in size and with it we’re just looking to start improving tuning, stress test matches, identifying and fixing bugs, and gathering feedback and information on all aspects of the game as new features come online,” Activision wrote in the press release.

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As a closed alpha, details of Project Aurora will not be shared publicly, although Activision acknowledges that we may have heard rumors “in the depths of Reddit”.

As the game goes through development stages, more players will be invited to test new versions.

In March, we received the first official acknowledgment from Activision that the game was in development via a blog post announcing development roles.

But details on the game have been scarce, so we’ll have to wait and see for now.

Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard continues to be embroiled in a number of legal and labor issues. Earlier this week, we discovered that the publisher was sending anti-union emails to its staff at Raven Software. The publisher is also undergoing a management change following the exposure last year of a toxic workplace culture.

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