PUBG Battle Pass Guide (How It Works, Cost & Rewards)

PUBG offers its own version of the Battle Pass formula with its own unlockable price, rules, and rewards. Free and premium rewards are available.

the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Battle Pass is a way to unlock new in-game items and rewards. Like many popular battle royale titles from this generation, PUBG has finally become free-to-play. Match Fortnite and Call of Duty War Zone, everyone can dive into the action of PUBG: new state. This season has brought a whole new battle royale map and continues to add new content for returning players and new players. While the game is free to play, there is a Battle Pass for you to consider.

The Battle Pass for PUBG is divided into two separate sections, the free and premium levels. As players may assume, the premium levels are exclusive to those who purchase the Battle Pass, but they will also have access to all content in the free level. The Premium Pass is the default Battle Pass, but if players decide to grab the Premium Plus Pass, they will instantly skip 15 levels.


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the PUBG The Premium Pass will cost players 1500 NC, which is the in-game currency of the game. There are ways to earn free NCs in PUBG, but they are quite long and time consuming. Players who wish to purchase the Premium Pass Plus subscription will have to spend 3800 NC. Unlocking the Battle Pass will grant players three Daily Missions and five Weekly Missions and clearing them all will reward players with SP. the PUBG the season will also end on January 30, 2022.

Each reward for the PUBG Battle Pass

PUBG finally becomes free to play

These are all the rewards for the PUBG Battle pass.

Free Rewards: No Battle Pass Needed

  • New State Sam profile icon: unlocked at level 1.
  • New State Sam Berry Shirt: Rech level 5.
  • Argos Tactical Mask and Chicken Medal: Reach level 10.
  • Sam Berry New State Gloves: Reach level 15
  • Argos Tactical Gloves and Chicken Medal: Reach level 20
  • New State Sam Berry Jeans: Reach level 25
  • Argos profile icon and shrug emote: reach level 30
  • Sam Berry New State Boots: Reach level 35
  • Argis Tactical Shoes and Chicken Medal: Reach level 40
  • Sam Berry New State Long Coat: Reach level 45

Premium rewards

  • Level 1: Argos Tactical Firearm Groza x1.
  • Level 2: BP x200.
  • Level 3: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  • Level 4: Chicken Medal x1
  • Level 5: NC x50
  • Level 6: Troi Card 150% BP x1
  • Level 7: BP x450
  • Level 8: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  • Level 9: Random box BP (S) x1
  • Level 10: Argos Tactical Mask x1
  • Level 11: Troi Card 150% BP x1
  • Level 12: BP x680
  • Level 13: +1 Chicken Medal Bonus Card x1
  • Level 14: Chicken Medal x1
  • Level 15: NC x100
  • Level 16: Troi Card 150% BP x1
  • Level 17: BP x900
  • Level 18: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  • Level 19: Random box BP (S) x1
  • Level 20: Argos Tactical Gloves x1
  • Level 21: 150% BP Erangel Card x1
  • Level 22: BP x1130
  • Level 23: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  • Level 24: Chicken Medal x1
  • Level 25: NC x120
  • Level 26: Troi Card 150% BP x1
  • Level 27: BP x1350
  • Level 28: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  • Level 29: BP Random Box (M) x1
  • Level 30: Argos Profile Icon x1
  • Level 31: Troi Card 200% BP x1
  • Level 32: BP x1580
  • Level 33: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  • Level 34: Chicken Medal x1
  • Level 35: NC x180
  • Level 36: Troi Card 200% BP x1
  • Level 37: BP x1800
  • Level 38: Argos Profile Frame x1.
  • Level 39: Random box BP (M) x1.
  • Level 40: Argos Tactical Shoes x1.
  • Level 41: Erangel card 200% BP x1.
  • Level 42: BP x2000.
  • Level 43: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +3 x1.
  • Level 44: Chicken Medal x1.
  • Level 45: NC x300.
  • Level 46: Troi Card 200% BP x1.
  • Level 47: BP x2250.
  • Level 48: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +3 x1.
  • Level 49: BP Random Box (L) x1.
  • Level 50: Argos Tactical Suit x1.

At the end of the season, all Battle Pass content will disappear with it. This is why it is so important to eliminate the daily and weekly challenges. These will continue to provide players with the most XP. They can also be completed in a matter of minutes, making them something that doesn’t require a significant investment of time. Fortunately, with PUBG becoming free-to-play, many can now invest that money in the battle pass. These are strictly cosmetic or focus on helping the player with XP boosts. Nothing in the battle pass is capable of unbalancing the game.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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