PUBG – Halloween Battle Royale

PUBG’s Fantasy Battle Royale prank has been given new life under a new name. The Halloween Battle Royale game mode is now available in PUBG LABS.

Fantasy Battle Royale returns to PUBG this Halloween. The hugely popular game mode began its existence as an April Fool’s Day prank, but quickly gained a lot of attention, so the developers decided to scare it a bit and bring it back for the Samhain Festival of This year. The Halloween Battle Royale is now available in PUBG LABS.

PUBG – Halloween Battle Royale

Players will be able to choose their preferred class, board the ghost ship, and visit a fully equipped Erangel to become the last creature standing. Enter the Halloween battle royale by selecting the LABS banner in the main hall, choose a class, and board the ghost ship.

You can choose your class in the pre-match lobby, but you can always reappear the class window by pressing F8 for PC or X for console. The first circle will be displayed on the map once players are on the ghost ship. You will enter the battlefield with the level 1 weapon of your respective class, a ring and a necklace. Anyone can upgrade their weapons by looting and crafting.

Halloween Battle Royale – Course

There are four different classes: Executioner, Ranger, Pyromancer and Cleric. There is no limit to how many players of a single class can be in a party, so you can go wild and join four Pyromancers on your squad. Look out for the famous Dark Knight quote. Each class requires different ingredients to upgrade their weapons, so there will be fewer resources to go through if more people of the same class are on a team.

Once your weapons are upgraded to level 2, you will have the choice between two types of equipment. You can switch between the two weapons at each leveling step.

PUBG Fantasy BR – Barbarian


A classic melee warrior.

  • Default weapon: ax of haste
    • Can rush towards enemies.
  • Alternative weapon (craftable from level 2): ​​Halberd of Restraint
    • Executioners can lure enemies into a certain area.

Generate class-exclusive items throughout the game:

  • Stun Ball: Stuns enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Liquid Courage: Improves movement speed and increases health for a period of time.


A Poster of Versatility: A Ranger can function as a sniper or a stealth assassin.

  • Default weapon: lethal crossbow
    • Powerful weapon at long range.
  • Alternative weapon (craftable from level 2): ​​Invisibility Blade
    • Close range melee weapon that allows Rangers to become invisible for a period of time.
    • Attacking enemies from behind or during an invisible state will deal more damage.

Rangers also generate class-exclusive items:

  • Snare Trap: Set up traps and immobilize enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Stun Grenade: A stun grenade.
A man with an ax running through a forest in SCUM

PUBG LABS – Halloween Batle Royale – Executioner


AoE is their middle name. Pyromancers can deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time.

  • Default weapon: Gloves of Calamity
    • Allows Pyromancers to attack with fireballs.
    • Deals high damage but is unwieldy.
  • Alternative weapon (craftable from level 2): ​​infernal cannon
    • Can shoot endlessly.
    • May overheat and be unusable for some time if used continuously.

Can cast spells during play:

  • Firewall: Generate large firewalls to block the path of the enemy.
  • Meteor Shower: Meteor Shower. This can only be activated when the Pyromancer’s Necklace is level 3 or higher.


A Cleric is an aggressive healer who can lock out melee combat.

  • Default weapon: Mace of Suffering and Aegis of Light
    • The Mace of Suffering: A melee weapon that causes enemies to bleed for a period of time.
    • Using the Pain Mace on teammates will restore their HP.
    • Aegis of Light blocks crossbow attacks.
  • Alternative weapon (craftable from level 2): ​​yard pump shotgun
    • Shooting teammates will restore their HP.
    • Shooting enemies will weaken them and cause slight damage.

Can generate objects exclusive to the class:

  • Vitality Bomb: Restores health.
  • First Aid Kit: A healing item that can be shared with teammates.
Objects and crafts

There won’t be any weapons, ammo, or other items that you are used to seeing in an everyday PUBG match. The team that created the Halloween Battle Royale, however, allowed the bandages to spawn on the spooky Erangel. The objects that the players will find will mainly be ingredients for upgrading weapons, rings, and necklaces.

  • Each class-specific weapon, ring, and collar players earn at the start of each match cannot be dropped or traded.
  • You can open the manufacturing window by pressing Tab.
  • The looted ingredients will be used to upgrade player weapons, rings and necklaces.
  • Players can right click to upgrade craftable items.
  • Since each class has two weapons, players will see two weapon crafting routes.
Treasure chests
  • Treasure chests contain general and level 5 crafting ingredients.
  • The deposited treasure chests will be marked on the map.
  • Players will need to damage the treasure chest to open it.
  • The team that manages to open the chest and interact with it will benefit from a 10 second total invincibility window.

Players will only have access to the UAZ “Night Slayer” and ghost ships. Vehicle speed and HP have been nerfed.


PUBG LABS: Halloween Battle Royale will be open during the following period:

PC and console

  • PDT: October 19 at 10:00 p.m. – November 1 at 12:00 a.m.
  • CEST / CET: October 20, 7 a.m. – November 1, 8 a.m.
  • KST: October 20, 2 p.m. – November 1, 4 p.m.
Game settings
  • Map: Erangel
  • TPP only
  • 20 teams of 4 (Max. 80 players per match)
  • Only squads of four men
    • Autofill if the team has less than four players
LABS Notes
  • LABS games not provide XP or game rewards.
  • LABS game Will not do be reflected on the Career page.
  • LABS game Will not do be reflected in the match history.
  • LABS game Will not do counts towards Survivor Pass missions.
  • LABS game does not support replay.

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