PUBG: new game mode, weapons, features, battle pass

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New State will receive an update that will include a new game mode and weapons, as well as weapon customization and other changes. Krafton introduced a new game mode built on the Troi map with only 64 players.

PUBG: Additional State players will also receive the P90 SMG, which features 5.7mm ammo, along with new weapon customization choices and weapon balancing tweaks.

Battle Pass Season 1 for the new Battle Royale game will begin as soon as the update is released. Through a blog post, Krafton announced PUBG: New State Update 0.9.23. The update will be released next week, but the developer has provided a list of all the new features and improvements that will be included.

PUBG: New State will also have a new game mode called BR: Extreme. Only 64 players will be able to participate in this match, and they will start with a P1911 handgun, smoke grenade, 300 drone credits, and fully charged boost meters. Each match restricts players to a smaller area of ​​the Troi map, which is chosen at random.

Each match will last 20 minutes and will take place in the battle royale genre. Two care packages will be delivered at the start of the match, and the number of vehicles and treasures will be increased. BR: Extreme will deploy players from a lower height, have faster drone deployment, and a faster redeploy period for teammates.

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