Quentin Tarantino would have liked to direct Battle Royale, also shares Video Archive podcast

When people ask me if I went to film schoolI tell them no, I went to the cinema”, shelp Hollywood’s most famous director, Quentin Tarantino. He’s not just a world-class director, but a movie buff. And guess what? The first episode of his video archive podcast was released on Tuesday, July 19.

Although his self-imposed goal of 10 films was achieved with the release of Once upon a time in Hollywood if you look closely at his full filmography, he may have already directed more than nine films. During his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Quentin Tarantino shares everything about the movie he would have liked to make.

Quentin wanted to direct Battle Royale…

Charismatic director, Quentin Tarantino appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spoke to guest host Dana Carvey and shared the movie he wished he had directed. Dana greeted him saying, “You are a genius, I love you.” They started off talking about how Dana and Quentin were in the same room and Dana failed to recognize him even though he had already created “Reservoir Dogs”.

At one point in the conversation, Dana Carvey asked Quentin, “What’s the last movie you saw, you became a saint, that I wish I had directed?” Quentin Tarantino replied: “Oh, wow, that’s a good question actually, that’s hard…”

Upon reflection, he revealed that he was a huge fan of the Japanese movie “Battle Royale,” which the Hunger Games was based on. He said: “It would have been awesome to have made ‘Battle Royale.’ Dana praised Tarantino for ‘Kill Bill.’

The spirit of Shanghai helps Tarantino…

About the film, Tarantino said: “It was actually an interesting situation even in terms of other directors because we were jumping mostly, in the first one we were jumping a lot of the shaw brothers kung fu movies as well and there was this director named Shanghai who was like John Ford/Sergio Leone.

He went on to say that Shanghai died a short time ago before we started doing it, and then they had this moment when they were trying to do this gag where “a female fighter was holding a condom full of blood and she squeezes it and it explodes”. and if she had done it the right way and everything went well, the blood would have exploded upwards, but they did the shot 14 to 15 times and the blood always exploded the wrong way.

In the end they had to take off her suit as she was covered in the bow and put on a new suit and Tarantino felt like banging his head against the wall for a little effect he wanted to create. At this moment, he remembered a little thing from Shanghai. It came to him as a spirit or a voice.

The voice said to him, “Hang on Quentin, you don’t know how long I worked with Wang yu to achieve this effect – the spirit version of Shanghai was like – look, you’ve already done 15, if you stop now, it’s is a mess, it’s bound to turn out the way you wanted in the next 6 times, so keep going and it literally happened the third time. Tarantino has revealed that making movies is fun and he loves doing what he does.

Podcast from the Tarantino Video Archive…

Dana Carvey further interviewed Tarantino on “Hawking My Podcast”. Tarantino said he was a little embarrassed about it, but on national television it’s called “The Video Archives Podcast,” which is named after a Manhattan Beach video rental store. He revealed that he was doing this podcast with Roger Avary, and where there was a store we worked at.

Tarantino said when the store closed, he got the inventory. Dana even showed a photo of Tarantino’s bedroom full of that video footage. Dana asked Tarantino, who is a lifelong movie buff with an encyclopedic knowledge of the medium, if he reformed it like the Beatles?

Tarantino replied that a lot of people ask him that question and said, “he was a smoothie expert since he worked at that video store for five years or however long I was there, and it was like I didn’t get hired at that really glamorous video store because I I was a movie expert – but it also allowed me for five years to do nothing but immerse myself completely in movies.

If you don’t know, because Tarantino is Tarantino, he acquired the joint’s tapes in 1995 and also rebuilt the Video Archives store in his home. Earlier this month, Tarantino, along with his co-host Roger Avary, who also worked at The Video Archives, where the pair met, pulls tapes off their own shelves, watches them, and gets petted.

The Video Archive Podcast is set to begin airing episodes on Tuesday, July 19 and will arrive via SiriusXM’s Stitcher. And yes, of course, Tarantino already has something to say about it. In a joint statement, Tarantino and Avary advised:

“We never imagined that 30 years after working together behind the video archive counter, we would be together again doing exactly the same thing we did back then: passionately talking about movies on VHS.

“Watching movies originally brought us together and made us friends, and it’s our love of cinema that still brings us together today. So we surrounded ourselves with the original collection of the video archives, where we both worked before becoming famous filmmakers, and traveled back in time to the golden age of VHS.

They continued, “We LOVE discussing movies, and we want to welcome you to The Video Archives podcast to hang out with us and the Archives’ new hire gala and check out the hidden VHS gems on our shelves.”

Roger Avary also became a director, making blockbusters like Kill Zoe and The rules of attraction among other films; and collaborated on the Oscar pulp Fiction script. My only wish is that Tarantino never stops making movies. Which are your favourites?

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