Release date, Battle Pass, Map Maker, new game modes and more

The official first season of Splitgate is on its way and there’s plenty to be excited about.

The free-to-play FPS that made waves in gaming last year and seeks to rival other giants in the genre.

With that, here’s everything we know about Splitgate’s upcoming Season 1 – including its release date, the latest Battle Pass details, new game modes, and more.

Splitgate Season 1 Release Date

According to the official Splitgate Twitter and YouTube channel, Splitgate fans can expect Splitgate Season 1 to release on January 27.

The exact release time for the massive update has yet to be revealed, but we’ll keep you posted on the latest news as soon as it arrives.

New Battle Pass Rewards

The Splitgate Season 1 Battle Pass will push players to level 100 with tons of new content to earn along the way.

It’s safe to say that the upcoming Battle Pass will offer plenty of new cosmetics, and we should be getting the Battle Pass reveals from 1047 Games in the coming days.

map creator

One of the most exciting new additions in Splitgate Season 1 will be a map maker.

The Map Creator will allow players to co-create and share maps to bring the community together. It will come with the ability to place items, weapons, spawns, blocks, portal walls, etc.

New game modes

Also new to Splitgate Season 1 are two exciting game modes, Evolution and One Flag Capture-the-Flag.

Evolution is a game mode that offers buffs to the losing team’s loadouts for the next round while One Flag Capture-the-Flag is a game mode proven on several other titles that allows players to battle for a flag , capturing him in their base.

These should add some nice diversity to the Splitgate experience and shake things up with the new year.

Lost Destruction Update

Splitgate diehards will enjoy much improved Lost Destruction in Season 1.

This extensive update will include improved lighting and optimization across the board, better textures, environmental details, and even layout changes.

As we get closer to the start of Splitgate Season 1, expect a lot more news to come out from the development team. We’ll be updating all the latest information here, so don’t miss it!

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