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Rumbleverse – the latest free game – was released today, with the game available to download on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as via the Epic Games Store. The 40-player Battle Royale brawler will be available to play first on Thursday, August 11, with Playground mode and Live Duos to begin with. But that will only be the beginning with the launch of Rumbleverse Season 1 not far away as well.

The first season of Rumbleverse goes live on Thursday, August 18, which will bring the first Battle Pass.

The first Rumbleverse Battle Pass will offer 100 rewards that can be unlocked as you gain fame and progress in your career in Grapital City.

To purchase the Rumbleverse Battle Pass, you’ll need to spend 1,000 Brawla Bills, Rumbleverse’s in-game currency.

If you complete the Battle Pass early, you’ll earn 1,500 Brawla Bills, which can then be used to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass.

If you’re thinking of jumping into Rumbleverse today, you might be wondering what the game will have to offer at launch.

Here are details on what to expect from Duos and Playground modes, as explained by developer Iron Galaxy in a blog post…


In Duos Mode, you start with just eight slots for your stats and slightly less Max Health than when playing alone. Additionally, you will not have access to the Superstar Comeback system. If your teammate is knocked out, you’ll get additional Max Health and Stat slots awarded to help you stay in the fight. Don’t worry though, because running out of health in Duos Mode won’t knock you out right away.

If your teammate runs out of health, they will be downed and need help. To help your teammate, simply stand next to them and press the Interact button to cheer them up. You will have 30 seconds to do so, but if your teammate is downed again, you will have progressively less time to help them. Sound simple? That is…until enemy teams hover above your friend trying to stop you. Try using the Vicious Blas or activating your Superstar Mode to keep opponents away from your friend, then help them out as quickly as possible. As a bonus, if you attempt to assist a teammate while Superstar Mode is active, you’ll assist them twice as fast.


Want to explore the city at your own pace and perfect your moves? Looking for a few lessons on how to play before you jump headfirst out of a giant cannon? Check out our free roaming experience, Playground mode. The city will be entirely open to discovery. Look for training modules in different neighborhoods to learn gameplay lessons. Train with the high-tech robots to help you unlock your inner champion. Explore alone or with a friend. Enjoy Grapital City at your own pace.

You can join a Playground server alone or with a friend. If you bring a friend, you will not be paired as a team. This will allow you to fight or have fun in multiple ways. If you get eliminated while in Playground, you can press the Option button (on PlayStation) to respawn nearby.

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