Rumbleverse, the wrestling battle royale game, is now live

Rumbleverse, the free-to-play battle royale game that takes direct inspiration from the world of professional wrestling, is now available on PC and consoles after concluding its beta phase. Everyone can now participate in matches and learn exactly how to bodyslam, grab and splash their opponents in frenetic battle royale action.

Developed by Iron Galaxy (killer instinct) and published by Epic Games, this brawler is inspired by Fortnite, but injects the action with colorful, high-speed melee combat. There’s no guns in sight – just good hard-hitting nudges wrasslin’.

The regular way of Rumbleverse is a 40-player battle royale that requires you to fight your way through your opponents, all dressed in their best spandex and knee pads. You will be immersed in a colorful open world and you will have to earn your stripes by collecting magazines and special combat weapons, which can then be used against your opponents. The last wrestler standing is the winner.

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In addition to this basic mode, players can also team up in duets for that hint of tag team wrestling goodness. In Duos, your health is limited, but you will be being able to get back up after being knocked down – as long as your partner is careful. You’ll have 30 seconds on the clock the first time you get downed, with each subsequent knockout getting shorter and shorter.

If you can’t be revived, that’s it for your game.

In addition, there is much more relaxation playground mode in-game which allows you to freely roam the main city of the game, train with robots and work on your skills.

On August 18, 2022a Season 1 Battle Pass for the game’s launch, and that includes around 100 rewards that players can earn in battle, including accessories, emotes, and other goodies to help brighten up your wrestler’s profile. The season pass costs 1,000 Brawlla tickets, which should cost around AU$15.

Even if you don’t shell out for the game, you’ll still be able to join in and enjoy all the action. While the launch of Rumbleverse has seemingly slipped under the radar, it’s a flashy game that seems brimming with potential.

Whether this could have any impact in a crowded battle royale scene remains a mystery.

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Rumbleverse is now available for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store.

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