Rumbleverse: Wrestling-Themed Battle Royale Launches Next Month

Rumbleverse, Fortnite game meets professional wrestling Battle Royale, will be released next month on August 11 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series and PC via the Epic Games Store.

The free-for-40 Battle Royale will also feature a battle pass, but its Season 1 won’t begin until a week after its launch on August 18. Iron Galaxy Studios hasn’t announced a price for the battle pass, but since Fortnite’s Epic Games is also publishing Rumbleverse, it’ll likely cost around $10 for the standard version.

A new trailer (below) was released alongside the release date announcement, showcasing some of the wackiest moments from the Rumbleverse network tests.

“Rumbleverse has been a passion project for us and a true testament to the skills and experience of our team,” said Iron Galaxy co-CEO Adam Boyes. “We can’t wait to see everyone get to Grapital City and experience the singular joy of suplexing a friend from a skyscraper.”

The game was first announced in December last year and was originally due for release in February. The studio then delayed the game indefinitely, but ultimately settled on this new August release date.

In our preview of the game, IGN said, “With a unique angle, a familiar yet visually appealing cartoon art style, and more wrasslin’ than you can shake a steel chair, Rumbleverse looks poised to be a legit new contender in the game.” kind of competitive battle royale.”

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