Should Fortnite bring back the Battle Pass promise?

As we near the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, a member of the community asked a very interesting question to all the fans. They asked whether or not Epic should bring back the Battle Pass Promise, a Chapter 1 system that would give XP a little boost for the entire season.

While it might seem like a no-brainer to say yes, would it actually make matters worse or more of a chore as the game progresses? Let’s examine both sides of the argument …

Bring it back!

No one will ever turn down extra XP at no extra cost. In modern games, you would almost expect the XP boost to be an additional addition to the cost of the Battle Pass. This was not the case in Chapter 1, however, the game was very different back then.

An XP boost will always be appreciated by any Fortnite player who purchases the Battle Pass and it could prevent situations like this at the start of Chapter 2, Season 8 where XP was so unfair that the whole system had to be overhauled. after just a few weeks.

For players who struggle with the game, even since the introduction of bots, earning XP can be difficult. You should also take into account the accessibility of the Battle Pass rewards. It’s all well and good paying up to 100 levels of content and a bunch of extras, but if achieving that goal requires unrealistic playtime, then what are you really accomplishing?

Stay away!

In my humble opinion, there is simply no need for the Battle Pass promise to return to Fortnite just yet. Yes, mistakes were made at the start of Chapter 2, Season 8, but they were quickly rectified. These mistakes will also be a constant reminder of what the community expects from each season.

While many players can devote unlimited hours to the game and the difficulty of completing a Battle Pass, it’s unfair to assume that anyone can do it, so the rebalanced XP system actually allows for huge progression in very little time. time.

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If you use your playtime wisely, completing quests and general performance can get you to Battle Pass levels in no time and even complete them within a few hours of play per week. The change to completing an entire questline in one match has been a huge help in this regard.

The addition of the Fortnite crew and the return of the Battle Pass star system all create an environment in which the 30% increase in XP for Battle Pass owners wouldn’t have quite the same benefit. than before. If we were talking about a 50% or more boost, I might admit it’s worth it, but for now, keep it out of the game.

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