Shroud is “finished” Apex Legends’ battle pass

Former esports pro turned streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has criticized Apex Legends’ battle pass for making players feel like they’re being forced into playing battle royale.

In a video where he streamed Apex Legends – brought to our attention by Dot Esports – Shroud explains why he thinks battle passes are bad for Apex Legends, and why battle passes in games in general hinder the experience of player’s game rather than improving it.

“God, the battle pass meta is so…I don’t like it anymore. I moved on. I’m over the battle pass meta,” Shroud says. “I want to go back to when I was just grinding and playing the game. You play and you see your chips go up. Then you buy what you want. It’s just easy.

Shroud goes on to explain why battle passes aren’t fun. “I just don’t like to follow the battle pass. It forces you to play. I don’t like being pushed to play,” he continues. It is of course referring to the in-game battle pass related challenges and quests that push players to log in every day and play to get the most out of the money they had to spend on the battle pass. in the first place.

These battle pass challenges can dictate how and who you play, forcing players to change their game to progress through tiers.

Apex Legends Battle Passes reset approximately four times a year, and players must purchase a new one each time a new season begins. They offer exclusive skins not available in the free battle pass, and thus compel the player to spend as much time as possible in the game. For example, the mythical rarity Bloodhound prestige skin has three challenge tiers that must be completed to unlock it.

If, like Shroud, you’re tired of battle pass grinding, why not check out our Apex Legends leaderboards guide which should help you climb to Apex Predator.

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