Smite adds Transformers Optimus Prime skin in November Battle Pass


Smite continues to bring the crossovers with a trio of skins that transform mythical gods into transforming robots from the beloved 1980s cartoon.

The world of to hit was already more than it looks thanks to a lot of pop culture crossovers, so it almost makes sense that Optimus Prime is leading the charge for a full battle pass full of beloved G1 skins. Transformers cartoon. Originally released in 2014, to hit features a huge cast of characters representing several pantheons of gods and mythical figures from around the world. Seeing the crossover of the Greek god Zeus take on Thor from Norse mythology was already a big part of the game’s appeal, and developer Titan Forge has extended that to pop culture cameos in recent years to keep the game fresh.


Some of the characters added to this clash of the gods make more sense than others. The cast of Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender appears in to hit recently, alongside the suite series The legend of Korra. These characters have powers in line with many mythological figures, so their inclusion as skins last June makes some sense. While there are some characters in the game who wield melee weapons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are more dubious inclusions, though any 80s kid will likely ignore the logical inconsistencies in order to shake up their favorite party turtle all the time. by defending the elders.

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It looks like the heroes in a half-shell were a hit, like another Saturday morning cartoon Transformers join to hit in the game’s next battle pass in November. The latest Titan Forge trailer reveals that Autobot leader Optimus Prime will take on Decepticons Starscream and Megatron as skins for Geb, Jing Wei, and Ra respectively. Each character has two skins on the pass, one featuring the character fitting into to hitgraphic style and one that takes things back to the G1 era using cel-shaded video game graphics.

Watch the trailer for the new Transformers battle pass to hit on YouTube here.

The G1 versions of the characters are exclusive to the Prestige track, which extends the Battle Pass to 60 levels up to level 120. Players only have to purchase the pass once, but go all the way on this track. oversized means playing Smite a lot in the few months the content is available. If any past crossover events are any indication, the pass will also unlock various cosmetic items along the way, some of which are related to Transformers. Details of these items are not yet known, but anyone who wants to represent Cybertron and all of its residents will likely have that chance if they buy next month.

With the MOBA genre as a whole settling into the same niche as MMORPGs and automatic fighters, Hi-Rez is injecting familiar characters into to hit is a brilliant gesture. Everyone knows how well these types of events work for games like Fortnite, and that same energy can keep a game in the spotlight even if it only serves a small but dedicated player base in its old age. Considering how many online games have only gone dark after only a few years on the market, and how some of Hi-Rez’s previous titles have faded into oblivion, it’s great to see the publisher making strides towards keep his portfolio flourishing over the years.

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