‘Squabble’ is ‘Wordle’ meets Battle Royale and it stresses me out

You think you’ve mastered wordle? Well, let’s add some pressure to your game.

Quarrel is a battle royale/wordle mix, in which you compete against a group of other players, all of whom are trying to win a series of wordle-style challenges faster than you. You have life points, which decrease over time, but can be replenished by correctly solving the puzzle. In the end, there can only be one (cue lightning).

As you can imagine, it’s a lot more stressful than normal gameplay, although you get some added excitement from watching your enemies. fall on the battlefield be crossed out with a large red “X”.

There are two basic modes: in Blitz, you compete against up to four other players. Battle Royale is massive combat, with a maximum of 99 players.

Is “missy” even a word? I do not know! Everything is going so fast!
Credit: feud

Quarrel allows you to create your own game or join an existing game. In my experience, finding a game to jump into was easy. And if you want to analyze your pitiful mistakes glorious tactical choices, you can even watch a replay of the game.


‘Worldle’ and ‘Globle’ are ‘Wordle’ with maps

Settings include a dark mode as well as a colorblind mode, and a “Coming Soon” section promises better phone and tablet support, improved matchmaking, single-player and daily modes, and more.

For you it all means you’re mad wordle the addiction is not going away yet. To fight!

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