SuperGaming Reveals Technical Details About First Made in India Battle Royale Game

Indian game studio SuperGaming recently announced its Battle Royale game, Indus. The game will be released later this year on multiple platforms including Windows PC, console, and mobile. Ahead of its launch, the developers shared more details about the game, including its story and other technical details. Keep reading to learn more about the Made-in-India Battle Royale video game.

In a press release, SuperGaming CEO Roby John mentioned that the studio wanted to create a different but relatable world, as well as weapons and other game mechanics that players would expect. The story of the game is nothing less than a sci-fi movie, where the player character is called Mythwalker, who is a hired mercenary for COVEN, an intergalactic organization that discovered the Indus – a world advanced with rich natural resources.

Indian Battle Royale Indus Game Features

Indus is home to several resources, including Cosmium, which is highly advanced and COVEN wants to use it for selfish ends. On the other hand, the battle royale part of the game takes place in Virlok, which is an ever-changing arena. Like other multiplayer Battle Royale games, players will spawn on the map and collect weapons such as guns, snipers and more to fight with opponents and survive.

The design and layouts of the game are inspired by Indian culture. For example, the studio recently released concept art for one of the game’s double-barreled snipers called Ashvini. That being said, the studio positions Indus as a free-to-play battle royale game, like other titles such as Battlegrounds Mobile India or Call of Duty: Mobile. Additionally, it will also contain an in-app store where players can purchase cosmetic items and skins.

Indus is still in the early development stage, and the team has yet to define the progression system, such as a Battle Pass, leaderboard points, rewards, etc. The game runs on Unity as a base. Additionally, the developers have also created a sandbox shooter tech stack, also known as the Indus Engine. In its official blog post, the developers mention that most mainstream Android and IOS devices should be able to run the game without issue. The minimum game requirements are yet to be announced.

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