Superhero battle royale Super People enters closed beta on December 7th

It’s a bold statement for a game to say that it “will revolutionize the way you think about the game. [battle royale] It sounds so powerful, if Elon-Muskian. But while I’m as wary of bland marketing as I am of games with names in all caps, our own pithy description of Joseph Knoop from the upcoming Super People battle royale game as “PUBG with superpowers“was all I really needed to hear to get him to grab my attention.

And “PUBG” here isn’t just a shorthand for “battle royale game”. From its austere art style to its third-person perspective, knockdowns, wall of death blue energy and gritty military hardware, Super People seriously channels this PUBG formula to a point … before injecting it with a mysterious substance that sees players teleport, hyperspeed running and jumping all over the map.

The closed beta of this fun free-to-play version of PUBG starts on December 7th, and you can register on the official website of the game. The site also mentions that you can “improve your chances of being selected for testers” by adding the game to your wishlist, which sounds a bit cheeky but hey, you can always remove it later (says the guy who still had Godus on her wishlist until about 10 seconds ago).

Unlike PUBG, Super People is asymmetrical and hero-focused, with 12 playable characters each with three to four predefined superpowers and skills. Perform enough feats on the battlefield and you will eventually unlock an “ultimate” skill. So if you want to circle the map like a modern-day Corvo Attano, smash your enemies at 50 mph, or shoot a 20ft wall of fire that instantly bakes everyone in its path, you’ll have to earn it by kill players and be insolent.

One player is aiming for great people.

(Image credit: Wonder Games)

Super People looks like the right kind of bastardization from PUBG; suspenseful dead ends are broken down by players teleporting from new angles or jumping 20 stories into a tower and, while there is still room for devious games and shotgun camps, this can be countered by characters with scanners and other tracking devices.

It looks great and you can play it, although probably in pretty crazy condition, starting December 7th! If anything, I wish they would go even deeper into the superhero realm, replacing realistic weapons with hand-fired projectiles and, I don’t know, super stretchy Dhalsim limbs. Still, while Super People may not turn out to be the battle royale revolution promised in the blurb, it looks like a very interesting diversion.

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