The battle royale of Scrabble is a thing now and it looks… good?

Well that’s one way to modernize a classic (Photo: Everybody House Games)

It’s a weird mash-up, but someone staged a Scrabble battle royale and it’s completely free on Steam.

With the popularity of the Battle Royale genre over the years, it hasn’t been surprising to see almost every developer and / or publisher coming up with their own version.

This has led to some surprisingly unique offerings, such as Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99, which transformed existing classics into surprisingly addicting and competitive experiences. And now we have a Scrabble battle royale game called Babble Royale.

The idea of ​​turning Scrabble into a battle royale sounds ludicrous, but not only does the brief trailer provide a good explanation of how it works, it’s already well reviewed on Steam.

You start by placing your first tile somewhere on the board, as if you were parachuting from above, and move around the board making words.

If you manage to connect your word to that of another player, you remove it from the game. The objective, of course, is to be the last one standing, while remaining in the increasingly restricted circle of the board.

The fact that it’s completely free means there is nothing wrong with trying it out and that has likely contributed to the generous feedback it has received so far. According to its Steam page, it will stay in Early Access for three to five months as it forms a community and developer Everybody House Games collects feedback.

While it remains free even after exiting Early Access, it looks like Babble Royale will adopt a free-to-play model with battle passes that offer “additional levels of access, customization, and unlockables.” .

There’s also something called a Free to Play Sucks Lifetime Pass that will give you access to every piece of future content, but it costs $ 60 (£ 45). Everybody House Games is also warning that this pass may not be available after the end of the early access period.

Babble Royale is available on PC.

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