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Automatic chess is a newer genre and is quickly gaining momentum. It has seen massive success on PC with games like Dota Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics, and others. The principle of these games is quite simple. You place characters on the board each turn and these characters fight with the enemy characters. The characters fight on their own without further intervention on your part. This is why they call it automatic failures or automatic fights. If you win the enemy takes damage and if you lose you take damage.

The different characters work together with synergistic abilities to give you an advantage in battle. Each game has its own variation of this basic mechanic, but they all work the same. This list is young, as is the genre itself and we promise to improve it with every update. Here are the best auto chess games and auto battle games for Android!

The best auto chess games and auto battle games for Android

Allstars Arena

Price: Free to play

Arena Allstars is a pretty decent automatic fighter. Players have access to a bunch of different maps, characters, and game modes. It offers matches with up to seven players as well as a cooperative mode if you want to play with friends or strangers. It also has a campaign, practice mode, tournaments, and cute little things like emotes. The game seems to tick all the boxes and most of the players seem pretty happy. Most complaints are either about connectivity issues or minor bugs with AI opponents not taking the damage they should. We assume, however, that these are all temporary issues. The game is free with an optional battle pass if you want to unlock premium content.

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Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

Price: Free to play

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is another auto chess game that seems to be hitting most of the right marks. It contains over 50 coins to collect and use for your team. Additionally, players get free eight-player PvP and fairly standard automatic chess mechanics. The game also allows you to send and receive heroes to other players and features global servers for better or for worse. Many complaints about the game stem from internet connectivity issues. However, other than that the experience is solid all around. The developers also plan to add PC-mobile cross-play in a future update, so come back if you’re interested.

Auto Chess by Dragonest Games

Price: Free to play

Auto Chess from Dragonest Games has a lame name, but it’s actually a solid game. It was part of the first wave of automatic chess games on mobile. It features free seven-player battles, an esports league, and, if you do well in the esports league, real money prizes. Fortunately, the game is actually quite easy to learn with one of the most user-friendly user interfaces we’ve seen in an auto chess game. We think this one is great for newbies to the genre and the difficulty only increases as you take on increasingly proficient opponents. Its biggest flaw is the finicky cloud saving feature. Be very careful if you intend to uninstall and reinstall or buy a new phone as many people have lost their saved data.

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Automatic chess legends

Price: Free to play

Auto Chess Legends is another proficient auto fighter. The game features 15 minute matches (max), over 50 heroes to play with, a variety of game modes, and plenty of special events to keep things up to date. This one looked like one of the simpler auto chess games on mobile and it’s another one we recommend for new players to the genre. However, despite its simplicity, there are flaws. You can buy heroes and that introduces a potential pay-to-win mechanism, although we didn’t notice anything too nasty in our testing. This one has the potential to be great or bad and it looks like the developers haven’t quite made up their minds yet. It’s a fun game at the moment.

Badland Brawl

Price: Free to play

Badland Brawl is probably the simplest auto fighter on the list. It uses a side-scrolling 2D map compared to the traditional chessboard style setup. It is therefore an excellent game for beginners in the genre. However, the basic principle is the same. You drop characters on the board and they fight with your opponent’s characters. The winner is the last one standing. There is a bit of a gacha element but it’s nothing too serious. Plus, you can watch other people play the game if you don’t feel like it. We can catch some criticism for this pick, but we think it’s a good starter auto fighter for those new to the genre.

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Rush to chess

Price: Free to play

Chess Rush is another decent auto fighting game with all the common basics. You place characters, they synergize and you beat your opponents if you outsmart them. The game has over 50 characters as well as various game modes including two-on-two, four-on-four, and eight-player free for all. It also includes a Turbo mode with matches lasting around ten minutes. It hits almost every good mark and that makes sense. This is a Tencent game, developers of Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile. Aside from some connectivity issues, most people seem to enjoy the game and it’s nice to see bigger mobile game developers in the genre.

Clash Royale

Price: Free to play

Clash Royale is the mainstream option for an automatic fighter. It’s most of the same elements as other games in the genre. You play characters on a board, they attack the other player and the last one standing wins. This one is quite different in its execution, however, and contains a lot of gameplay elements from Supercell’s other hit game, Clash of Clans. Additionally, the game is a one on one duel where most automatic chess games have a larger free for all modes. We would understand that you wouldn’t think of this as a pure auto-combat experience, but it ticks all the boxes, even if it’s a bit more like a deck-building game.

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Dota Underlords

Price: To free

Dota Underlords is the most recognizable name in auto chess. The whole genre came from a Dota 2 mod. The genre took off from there and Dota Underlords is the mobile version of the mod. It’s your standard auto chess game, so you should know how it works by now. You get heroes, you place them, make synergies and try to beat your opponents. In addition, the game includes an offline mode. There was character rotation, but instead it now has cross-play with Steam, a very reasonable compromise. It is also the only completely free automatic chess game on the list. It’s not perfect, but it’s solid.


Price: Free to play

Hearthstone is another game that may not fit exactly here, but it’s still an auto-battler and it belongs on a roster like this. This is one of the most famous auto bridge building fighters on all platforms and most people know how it works. You build a deck, start a duel, lay down your cards, and fight. The last person standing wins. The game includes a few different play modes, cross-platform play with PC, and it’s a pretty mature game. It’s not quite the same as most of the others on the list, but it’s pretty close in most circumstances.

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Team combat tactics

Price: Free to play

Teamfight Tactics is a big name in the auto chess and auto combat genre. It’s by Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends. The game features a rotating pool of League of Legends champions. Players deploy them in the game and upgrade them in an attempt to win. The game is random enough to avoid outright stomping, but it’s still skill-based enough to be entertaining for hardcore gamers. The learning curve is a bit steep, but the mechanics are solid and the game is actually quite fun.

If we missed any great auto chess games or auto battle games for Android, let us know in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android apps and games listings!

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