The lack of original Battle Pass cosmetics is slowly turning into a major problem

Fortnite’s Battle Pass is generally a mixture of brilliance and contempt. With each new season, cosmetic items created by Epic and concept artists are handpicked to appear in-game on the Battle Pass. As mentioned, some are truly amazing while others tend to be less than fulfilling.

In Chapter 3 Season 3, the cosmetic skin, known as Snap, came with high expectations, but ultimately fell short. However, the biggest problem with the Battle Pass for quite some time has been the lack of originality. While many skins are indeed original, the most sought after (tier 100 skins) seem to have lost their originality.

This is becoming a major problem that can no longer be avoided by Epic Games. Many in the community feel that this reduces the popularity of the Battle Pass in the long run and is largely meaningless.

Originality is replaced by popularity in Fortnite

While upset players seem like they’re overreacting given that the Battle Pass isn’t mandatory for purchase, there’s a good reason for this conundrum. For the past five consecutive seasons, the Tier 100 Battle Pass skin has been a character in this respective seasonal collaboration.

Fun Fact: It’s been over a year since Fortnite included an original level 100 skin

While there is nothing wrong with these skins as they are certainly amazing to look at, many players are missing high quality original skins in the Battle Pass. Plus, they would have a strong connection to the storyline and add flavor to the lore of the game. Being able to put on their outfits and play a game was special for fans.

However, with the introduction of collaboration skins at level 100, that feeling is long gone. The last original skin was the Spire Assassin, which was part of the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Since this character appeared on the island as an enemy NPC, it had a significant connection to gameplay as well as lore .

Spire Assassin! Part of the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass, the eye-catching Spire Assassin is part of the Looming Spire set. Described as a “guardian of a world beyond reality”, this legendary outfit sports a spooky and futuristic look, ready for the prime season.

But that’s not the worst. For many seasons, the rewards from level 101 to level 200 seemed far too similar in design. Dubbed “Super Level Styles” by Epic, these are exact copies of the in-game Battle Pass skin, the only difference being their color.

This trend has been going on for quite some time and finally seems to have angered the community. Even if these “Super Styles” matched the ongoing theme of the season, it would have made sense. For example, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8’s “Super Styles” mirrored the three differently colored cubes present on the island at the time.

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Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case in Fortnite Chapter 3 except for Season 3. Considering the Chrome theme, which is expected next season, a few of the “great styles” fit in good. That being said, most don’t integrate at all. While they look good, they don’t add any extra value to the game. Here’s what a few fans had to say about them:

How can Epic Games fix this issue in Fortnite?

For starters, they can revert to including original skins at Tier 100 of the Battle Pass. With so many characters to choose from in the metaverse and an endless stream of concept art, adding one level 100 original skin per season isn’t a huge ask.

Second, reducing the number of wave super level styles would help. Simply reskinning and recoloring an already released character makes little or no sense. Although they may be nice to look at, they have no real value as such. On the contrary, it makes things monotonous and bland.

#Fortnite Teaser Skins 👕Here is an overview of all the teased skins that will be included in the Season 4 Battle Pass. What do you think of the current skins revealed?

That being said, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 will hopefully have better “Super Styles” to choose from. However, given that two of the upcoming Battle Pass skins are reskins, it’s safe to say that more are likely on the way. One can only hope that the level 100 skin is an original creation and not just another crossover character.

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