Top 10 naval battle games for PC

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Although sea battle games are something a kind of niche, there are many awesome games that focus mostly or entirely on naval battles and naval action ships. Whether you have to manage your fleet of planes and battleships to defeat your enemy, defend your base, ports and fleet, or launch raids to cut naval routes and invade enemy territory, there is nautical war games for every scenario. These games take the Battleships board game to a whole new level.

World of Warships

Whether you are an aspiring modern naval tactician or looking to navigate the high seas as an adventurous pirate in search of loot, there are endless choices in the naval battle PC game genre. If you’re fascinated by naval military history, here’s your new video game wishlist.

Below are some of the best desktop naval battle games, taking you from WWII and modern naval battles to the 17th century high seas, and many different ship games in between.

The ten best naval battle games

1. World of Warships

Taking the incredible free-to-play formula that perfected with Tank world and World of Warplanes, World of Warships has you take command of the bridge of a modern military warship and fight in epic naval battles. As a captain, you don’t have the same direct control over your craft as in other games in the series. For this reason, the action is relatively rhythmic as you exchange powerful dams with other players in a strategic experience that often resembles a first-person battleship game. There is also a very active World of Warships Reddit if you want to mingle with other Dreadnought Captains. Play World of Warships for free.

2. BattleStation: halfway

BattleStation: Midway

One of the classic games of the genre, BattleStation: Midway is a strategy game that takes place in the Pacific Ocean towards the Second World War. Using real-time tactics, you can control every ship or plane in your fleet, hoping to defeat your enemy. Although BattleStation: Midway is an older game, it still has correct graphics, offers both a single player and multiplayer mode, and is truly a staple of the genre.

3. BattleStations Pacific

Battle Stations: Pacific

The sequel to BattleStations: Midway takes place in the wild, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Battle stations: Pacific expands on the previous title by adding new features, including new weapons and ships, different types of combat, namely more advanced submarine battles, and the possibility of playing either a American or Japanese countryside. It also has 5 additional multiplayer modes including Island Capture, Duel, Competitive, Siege and Escort.

4. Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific

Silent Hunter: Pacific Wolves

If submarine warfare is more to your liking, give it a try Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific, a game from Ubisoft that also takes place in the Pacific during World War II. thesubmarine simulator uses really intricate graphics to literally immerse you in the depths of the pacific ocean, with everything from launching torpedo attacks and using radar and sonar to managing your crew. Different game modes make it easy for both beginners and more advanced players to master the game.

5. Naval warfare: Arctic Circle

Travel a little further north in Naval warfare: Arctic Circle, a real-time naval strategy game which unlike some of the previous games, takes place in the distant future during a fictional war. The game has everything from submarines, planes and helicopters, to in-flight refuellers and ground air bases. It also features navies from many different countries – including the UK and the Scandinavian countries – which can be fought in single player and multiplayer modes.

6. Dangerous waters

Dangerous Waters

As a modern naval game, Dangerous Waters lets you control all aspects of air, surface and submarine warfare, simulating 250 actual naval units. Aside from the fact that you can work cooperatively in multi-station mode to operate different crew stations as a team, one of the coolest things in the game is the Crew AI members, allowing you to transfer tasks so you don’t have to worry about actively managing specific aspects of the game.

7. Battle Fleet 2: WWII in the Pacific

A set of tactical naval combat, Battlefleet 2 puts you in command of Japanese or American fleets during WWII. As you try to make your way through the Pacific Ocean, you will be focusing on the action once you enter the battle. You will be engrossed in the game as you move around from macro strategies to micro tactics, and with a wide range of units, the game is perfect for any WWII enthusiast. If you want to play on the go, you can even download a mobile version for iOS and Android.

8. Combat steel

Combat steel, of Strategic Simulations Inc, is a 3d game which takes place in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans during the greatest naval battles of WWII, between 1939 and 1942. Fighting against American, German, Japanese and British warships, you will use real-time strategy and a in-game camera control multiple ships at once. You can play online multiplayer with up to four people, and with a very detailed instruction manual, getting started is easy.

9. Naval action

Naval action

By giving you the helm of an 18th century ship, Naval Action takes you to sea in a huge online environment with other players. With battles of up to 50 ships, realistic damage physics and navigation that requires you to use landmarks and stars, this game not only does not hold your hand – it cuts it and replaces it with a hook.

ten. In the wind

In the wind

If you’re a fan of 17th century ships but prefer a bit more small-scale naval action, try In the wind, an open-world online game from the developer Tasharen. In Windward, you play in a team of four, using your ships to take control of as many structures on the map as possible. It’s not as graphically advanced as some of the battleship games on the list, but it’s still pretty impressive.

The above games are all limited to naval battles, but here are some honorable mentions of games that feature great naval warfare in some way or form.

Bonus: More war games that feature naval battles

Thunder of war

Thunder of war

War Thunder is a great option which, while not exclusively containing naval battles, certainly has great naval content. The emphasis is on theft, but no air combat game is complete without sea battles. You can experience War Thunder’s naval warfare with aircraft carriers, warships, and naval air units. For a free game, this is a great option.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike (expansion pack)

Battlefield 4

The Naval Strike expansion pack for Battlefield 4 brings naval warfare into the 21st century. Taking place in the South china sea, the DLC pack brings multiplayer maps, new gadgets and weapons, and most importantly, a hovercraft. In the new Carrier Assault mode, you will fight to sink enemy aircraft carriers.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

For a series about climbing to rooftops and stabbing the Templars, Assassin’s Creed IV: Ship-to-Ship Combat from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is surprisingly comprehensive and satisfying. Sail through the Caribbean take direct control of your vessel – The Jackdaw – you can attack different naval ships with your vast arsenal to get money and supplies for upgrades. But, if you prefer board an enemy ship for some actions based on the cutlass, you can capture it and add it to your fleet.

Bonus: best naval battle games on mobile

The thrill and excitement of a good battleship game shouldn’t be limited to the PC Desktop experience. For sea battles on the go, try one of these mobile sea battle games:

Pacific Fleet Lite

Pacific Fleet Lite

Pacific Fleet Lite is the free version of a popular and detailed turn-based naval battle simulation of WWII. It’s packed with plenty of simulation data and logic-based gameplay that will appeal to a die-hard naval strategy enthusiast, but its lack of fast-paced action means arcade / action enthusiasts will likely want to skip it.

Assassin’s Creed – Pirates

This mobile installment of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise features fast-paced 1-on-1 naval battles in an adventure storyline. The game was recently updated to be free (previously it was a paid $ 4.99 download).


What is your favorite naval battle game? What about Atlantic Fleet or Steel fleet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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