Vampire: The Masquerade battle royale ending public testing and delaying launch

After entering Early Access in September and planning to launch this year, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has delayed its full launch and is preparing to shut down servers until it’s complete. The developers, Sharkomob, say they want to focus on improving the Battle Royale game following the feedback, including tackling cheaters. While the Vampire: The Masquerade game people really want is mired in a hell of unfamiliar development, I know some have found solace in sucking drops of satisfaction from Bloodhunt – what do you say, gang?

“The plan was to launch the game this year for PC and PS5 as we roll out of Early Access: Founder’s Season,” Sharkmob said in yesterday’s announcement. “Based on the main lessons from the start of the season, we have decided to take the necessary time to respond to the valuable feedback we have received and to postpone the release until early 2022.”

More than postponing the full launch, they are temporarily shutting down the game. They say shutting down servers will help “ensure that development teams are fully focused on implementing the feedback collected” during early access.

The servers will shut down on Monday, November 22 at 9 a.m., although they will increase XP a lot before that date, so you can try to complete your battle pass if you wish. People who play before will also be invited to other pre-launch testing. Unlocks, tokens, purchased items, stats, etc. will be transferred to full launch.

As for what Sharkmob thinks such attention needs to be addressed, issues they intend to focus on include improving performance, extending character customization, improving integration. new players and the fight against cheaters. Cheating has been a huge issue for the game, cited in many negative reviews on Steam (despite this, it has a “Mixed” rating overall).

“While we have dealt with most of the major exploits that have been reported so far and are addressing new ones that seem to have popped up recently, we are not convinced that our processes and systems are where they need to be,” he said. said Sharkmob. “We are currently exploring various solutions to make new account creation more difficult and frustrating for banned players, researching better reporting tools and even evaluating other anti-cheat providers. We hope to be able to share more information soon. “

Sharkmob’s announcement has a lot more information on various changes and plans.

If you fancy going before it leaves, you can download Bloodhunt for free on Steam. Dear reader, have you played? How is it?

As for Bloodlines 2, the last time we heard was that Paradox considered canceling it altogether before deciding to remove the game from its original developers and hand it over to another yet unknown team. . They still haven’t explained what’s going on or why.

Disclosure: Cara Ellison, a former RPS columnist and my former roommate, was working on Bloodlines 2.

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