Warzone Pacific patch fixes Battle Pass XP and compensates players

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season two started with new content for players to jump into. The rollout of new content continued throughout the season with the Rebirth Reinforced event, which gave players finally access to Golden Chests. However, players started noticing that they weren’t earning the right amount of Battle Pass XP for their matches. Luckily, a hotfix has been rolled out to fix the double Battle Pass XP issue in Pacific War Zone. Raven Software confirmed on April 20 that it has fixed the Battle Pass XP issue.

Raven Software is making up for lost Battle Pass XP while the issue was being investigated, as Battle Passes were leveling much slower than expected, which caused some frustrations, especially since we are so close to the new season. You will now receive the correct amount of Battle Pass XP for your matches in addition to being compensated for previous matches played while the XP bug was lurking. Pacific War Zone.

Catch up lost battle pass XP in Pacific War Zone

You may have already received your hard-earned XP, as it started appearing for some players on April 19. Otherwise, you must log in to Pacific War Zone before the end of season two on April 27 to ensure you get your XP. Additionally, every player who logged into the battle royale during Season Two will receive not one, but two Double Hour Battle Pass XP Tokens.

With the Battle Pass XP compensation and additional Battle Pass Double XP Tokens, you should still be able to complete your Battle Pass before Season Three begins. It is promising to see the Pacific War Zone The double battle pass XP issue was resolved so quickly. If you want to keep an eye out for other bugs Raven Software is working on, keep an eye on their Trello Board.

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