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The CX-9 SMG finally arrived last season and remains a great option in Season 6, so here’s how to create the best Warzone CX-9 loadout to dominate your enemies.

The CX-9 came out alongside the Sykov pistol in Season 4, and in Season 6 it’s still a very viable SMG that can shred at close range.

While it may be considered a weaker weapon in the meta, the CX-9 is very powerful in both Warzone and Modern Warfare multiplayer and is worth unlocking.

Here are the attachments and benefits to use with this SMG to create the best Warzone CX-9 loadout.


Best Warzone CX-9 Loadout

Best Warzone CX-9 Charging Accessories

  • Barrel: CX-38S
  • Laser: Tactical Laser
  • Store: CX-FR
  • Sub-barrel: Front handle Merc
  • Ammunition: 50 round drums

Warzone CX-9’s best loadout is great in those close-quarters engagements, but due to Warzone’s random nature, we’ve built it to be a bit more versatile.

The CX-38S cannon has two important advantages. It already has a monolithic suppressor, which frees up a slot and improves almost every aspect of the weapon. You will see that the CX-9 has more effective range, recoil control, and your shots will be hidden from the minimap.

Then we added the Tactical Laser and CX-FR stock to the best load of Warzone CX-9. Your CX-9 will now be much faster, letting you hang on to enemies even if they surprise you.

The Front handle Merc is still a solid choice for Modern Warfare SMGs, as it improves both recoil control and hip fire accuracy for the best loading from Warzone CX-9. And finally, the 50 round drums will allow you to take down and kill multiple enemies without reloading when using Warzone CX-9’s best loadout.

Best Gear in Modern Warfare CX-9

Best Gear in Modern Warfare CX-9

Best Modern Warfare CX-9 Cargo Accessories

  • Barrel: CX-38S
  • Laser: Tactical Laser
  • Store: CX-FA
  • Ammunition: 30 round magazines
  • Advantage : sleight of hand

This CX-9 is built almost purely for speed, but with a larger magazine and longer barrel to take out targets at medium range.

To start with, we opted for the CX-38S canon, which improves almost every aspect of the CX-9. You’ll see a huge increase in damage range, bullet speed, and even recoil control, all while removing your shots. The only downside is slower ADS speed, which we’ll fix with the rest of the attachments.

Modern Warfare engagements usually take place within 6v6 map limits, so you want a bit more speed with your weapon. To do this, we have opted for the Tactical Laser and CX-FA Stock. With these, your ADS speed, movement, and weapon stability will see a welcome improvement.

And finally, we added the 30 round magazines and sleight of hand Advantage. The 30 Round Mag gives magazine size a boost without slowing you down too much, and Sleight of Hand dramatically increases your reload speed to keep you in the fight. If you want more bullets in your magazine, you can always take the 50 round drums instead.

Best benefits for use with CX-9 class

Advantages of the war zone

Best Advantages of Warzone CX-9

  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Overkill then Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Ampé

NEM will help you survive a barrage of explosives, keeping you in the fight at all times. Overpowered will allow you to take the CX-9 alongside a long-range weapon such as the Krig 6, then you can take Ghost of your next load to hide from UAVs and heart rate sensors.

Finally, the Ampé Perk lets you quickly switch between weapons, so you’re never caught helpless.

Best perks of Modern Warfare CX-9

  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Battle-hardened

Again, NEM is essential to make sure you don’t get knocked down by a frag grenade or a well-placed Semtex.

Then the Ghost Perk will make sure you can always stay stealthy when an enemy blows up a UAV.

Last but not least, Battle-hardened Greatly reduces the effect of stuns and flashbangs, so you’re never made defenseless by Tactical Grenades.

The latest CX-9 buffs and nerfs

Warzone CX-9’s best loadout was set to receive a bug and nerf in the August 5 update for the Call of Duty battle royale, which surprised many players, given that the weapon was n ‘was only recently in the game. time before Raven Software releases an update for it.

You can find all the changes made to this SMG by the August 5 update below:

  • Increased average damage range from 20 to 21
  • Increased headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1.45

How to unlock the CX-9 in Warzone & Modern Warfare

Unlock CX-9 in Modern Warfare and Warzone

The CX-9 is a Modern Warfare weapon, so you won’t be able to unlock or use it in Black Ops Cold War. Fortunately, it has an easy unlock requirement: Get 2 Longshot Kills using an SMG in 5 different matches.

Because it’s Modern Warfare, you don’t need to finish the match either. You can get two long term kills with an SMG, back down and repeat until you’ve unlocked the weapon.

Best alternatives to CX-9 in Warzone & Modern Warfare

If you’re looking for another SMG in Warzone, Black Ops Cold War’s MAC-10 or MP5 is considered the Season 5 SMG meta.

For Modern Warfare, the MP7 remains a solid choice, or you can go for the PP19 Bizon thanks to its large magazine size.

If you’re looking for other great weapons, you can check out some of this season’s best Warzone loadouts below:

C58 | Groza | M4A1 | Milan | AK-47

Image credits: Activision / Raven Software

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