Warzone players enraged as September 23 update makes battle royale ‘unplayable’

At the start of Season 6, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players can unlock three new weapons for free, including the powerful Battle Ax.

The loot pools in CoD: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War don’t change too often. However, the developers of both games make sure to add new weapons periodically. This is especially true for the start of a new season.

Weapons added at the start of a season can be random. They can be meta-defining weapons like the EM2. Or they can be fancy like the Akimbo Marshal shotguns.

Either way, it’s always fun to play around with new weapons, and Season 6 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War adds the interesting Battle Ax. Here’s how to unlock the battle ax in Warzone and Cold War.

How to unlock Battle Ax in Warzone and Cold War

Season 6 of Warzone and Cold War begins on October 7 and the Battle Ax will be available from the start. In fact, all three new free weapons will be available from the start of Season 6. There will be two ways to unlock the Battle Ax.

The first is to complete an in-game challenge. While the other two weapons are unlocked through Battle Pass levels, the Battle Ax unlock criteria are tied to a specific challenge.

However, we don’t know what the challenge will involve until the start of Warzone and Cold War Season 6, but we will update this room with the details of the challenge when these are revealed.

Battle ax in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

The second way players can unlock the Battle Ax in Warzone / Cold War is by purchasing its Pack from the Item Shop. Like the Sai, the Battle Ax Pack unlocks the base weapon and a unique version of the weapon blueprint.

The challenge that unlocks the battle ax will be awarded to all players and unlocked in both Warzone and Cold War.

In addition to new weapons, players can look forward to new POIs in Warzone, an upcoming Halloween event, and new Zombies content in Cold War, featured in the Warzone and Cold War Season 6 roadmap.

For more info on Call of Duty, find out how to unlock the Ironhide Shotgun in Warzone and Cold War, and stay tuned for more info and guides.

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