Warzone Season 2’s Battle Pass is completely broken and players are furious

Warzone players could be using broken attachments on their Vanguard weapons without even knowing the weapons have been nerfed.

Call of Duty stats expert TrueGameData is the master at analyzing weapons and how they work in Warzone. To the frustration of Warzone players, the content creator recently discovered that several attachments weren’t working as described in-game.

Broken attachments prevent Vanguard weapons from operating at maximum efficiency. Here are the attachments you’ll want to avoid on your Vanguard weapons along with the corresponding issue.

Warzone attachments provide incredibly valuable perks to weapons, and having some not working as intended can hurt weapon viability.

The best attachments provide a variety of benefits from increased movement speed to better recoil control and if you’ve been using some of the broken attachments detailed in the TrueGameData video below, you’re going to want to remove them immediately.

For starters, the Flash Hider Muzzle and Unmarked Perk are supposed to offer positional concealment, but currently neither of them do. This means that your location on the minimap will be revealed when using these attachments.

More importantly, the broken attachments seem to nerf snipers as the Shrouded Perk does not hide scope glow as advertised in the attachment description for the Vanguard Kar98k. Additionally, attachments such as the VDD Thumbhole Stock and Focus Perk that should improve the flinch resistance of Vanguard Snipers do not work.

These attachments have been tested in live matches by TrueGameData and the reliable stats expert suggests not to waste a slot on these broken attachments, “Shrouded literally did nothing for the Kar98 so don’t waste your Perk point on that”.

These broken attachments further aggravate the already mediocre Vanguard Snipers, which is unfortunate for Vanguard Royale players. The CoD expert also claimed that he will be addressing the benefits of recoil next, which could have a major impact on long-range weapons. We’ll be sure to detail any notable finds.

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Image Credit: Activision / TrueGameData

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