Warzone & Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass: All Rewards & Levels

A new Battle Pass is coming with Warzone and Vanguard Season 2, giving players a wide variety of new content. Here’s everything up for grabs in the Vanguard Battle Pass and Warzone Season 2.

A new season means a new Battle Pass for players. Players will aim to progress through the Season 2 Battle Pass and unlock rare weapon blueprints, Operator skins, and more along the way.

With over 100 new levels to dive into, let’s take a look at the Battle Pass rewards and items available in Season 2.

Vanguard & Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass Pricing

The standard version of the Battle Pass costs 1,000 CoD Points, which will allow you to unlock all 100 tiers along the way. Alternatively, you can opt for the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 CoD Points to instantly skip the first 20 levels.

The Bundle’s Battle Pass boost means players will start at level 21 instead of 1. Purchasing either version of the Battle Pass will grant players instant rewards, including new Task Force Operator Yeti Anna Drake , a new Constanze skin, a double Weapon XP Token, and a seasonal XP boost.

The Battle Pass bundle includes the above items plus a legendary bonus skin for Wade Jackson.

Warzone & Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass: New Operator Skins

Constanze skin season 2

The Season 2 Battle Pass contains some cool new Operator skins that you can unlock. Vanguard Operators will receive brand new cosmetic appearances available at various tiers.

The Season 2 Battle Pass will offer a new Operator skin every 10 levelshere are some of the most notable operator skins:

  • Level 30: Lucas ‘Vagabond’ Skin
  • Rank 40: Halima ‘Garrote’ Skin
  • Rank 90: ‘New York Blues’ Wade Skin

New Weapons in Warzone & Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass

Whitley LMG Season 2 Vanguard

Two new weapons are available through the Season 2 Battle Pass. You can unlock the KG M40 Assault Rifle at Level 15and this weapon is a “Workhorse assault rifle, naturally stable and accurate” making it a reliable choice.

The Whitley LMG seen above becomes available at Level 31 and although it is a heavy weapon to carry, it has “the best damage per shot compared to its four Avant-garde competitors. Maybe this will support Warzone’s long-range meta.

New Perks, Gear, and Multiplayer Killstreaks in the Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass

    Killstreak Vanguard Ball Turret Gunner

To start, players will receive the new Bullet Turret Gunner Killstreak at Level 1. This devastating aerial assault can be earned by staging a 12-game winning streak and will take you high above the map to operate a giant turret.

Then the Mechanical advantage will be available to players at Level 21 and it will provide a significant buff to the field upgrade charge time. Getting to your field upgrade as quickly as possible will set you up for multiplayer success.

The iconic sticky bomb the gear is back and better than ever. Players will unlock this powerful grenade that sticks to surfaces at Rank 39.

The second new perk arriving in Season 2 is called Arsenal and that brings out two valuable traits. Players with Armory will be able to use gear faster and gain immunity to opposing players’ Engineer Perk. This new benefit will be available on Rank 44.

Warzone & Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass Tier 100 Rewards

Skin Legendary Tier 100 Season 2 Battle Pass

It may take a bit of time, but players who reach the later tiers can claim the Season 2 Battle Pass Rare Legendary Items. These include Legendary Operator Cosmetics, Weapon Blueprints, and in-game titles, emblems and charms.

Here are the final rewards for the Warzone & Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass:

  • Level 100: Anna ‘White Mirage’ Legendary Skin
  • Level 100: “Postmodern” Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint (KG M40)
  • Level 100: Mountaineer Title, Season 2 Emblem, and Extinction Notice Charm.
New Casablanca Vanguard Map

This covers everything revealed in the Vanguard Battle Pass and Warzone Season 2 as of now. We’ll be sure to update this article once every tier and reward has been revealed.

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Image credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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