Week 3 Battle Royale Ranking and Strategy

The traditional DFS (salary cap) hasn’t changed in years and has been infused by optimizers, but there is a new DFS format in Underdog Fantasy called “Battle Royale”. These are 6-person, 6-turn snake drafts that only take a few minutes. This week’s prize structure has a total of $250,000 with $50,000 for first place on a $5 entry, but there are also $25, $50, and $100 entry options. Safe to say the format is growing, which is why I’m putting more time and effort into the content around it.

I wrote this general strategy guide for Battle Royale with the following main points: 1) We keep stacking and adding correlations like traditional DFS, and 2) We always look for lower roster games like DFS traditional. The latter can be exploited even more in Battle Royale compared to traditional DFS as there is an anchor bias towards default rankings and ADPs. Let’s see how to exploit it this week.

Level 1: Obvious batteries

  • Josh Allen (5.3 ADP): If you can somehow pair Stefon Diggs (3.4 ADP) with Allen, do so. This won’t happen too often compared to other top stacks, and it’s obviously elite with Gabriel Davis (33.4 ADP) and Dawson Knox (35.7 ADP) questionable. The latter are largely undrafted players, so there is an angle of uniqueness to exploit if we get some clarity on injuries. As usual, the latest news positive Injury news is great for DFS, especially Battle Royale where most queues (which can’t be edited like traditional DFS) are submitted long before inactives are finalized. If either is good, I’d block those stacks. … Bring back the options: Tyreek Hill (10.6 ADP) and Jaylen Waddle (18.9 ADP).

  • Patrick Mahomes (14.6 ADP): Best paired with Travis Kelce (5.9 ADP), Mahomes is likely worth the double stack here with rarely drafted JuJu Smith-Schuster (35.4 ADP) and Marquez Valdes-Scantling (35.9). The match is the elite in general. … Returning options: Jonathan Taylor (7.4 ADP) and Michael Pittman (30.9 ADP), who is great play after being underdrafted earlier in the week due to a questionable tag. He has since been removed from the injury report. Get Mahomes + Pittman batteries.

  • Jalen Hurts (15.1 ADP): Drafted close to AJ Brown (13.1 ADP) at the turn, Hurts doesn’t need to be double stacked but can be with Dallas Goedert (29.5 ADP, drafted most of the time) or DeVonta Smith (35, 7 ADP, rarely drafted). If you want to go full galactic brain, go Hurts without AJB and with Goedert or Smith instead. … Return options: Curtis Samuel (35.6 ADP) and Terry McLaurin (35.8 ADP) are both largely undrafted.

  • Lamar Jackson (19.6 ADP): Top-5 in neutral success rate, L-Jax looks like a fantastic cheat code right now. I like it with potential TE splitter Mark Andrews (13.4 ADP), although Rashod Bateman (34.9 ADP) gets the undrafted bump. Get some exposure here, because the next QB tier doesn’t have the cleanest paths to the rise of these top 4 QBs. … Return Options: Not needed.

  • Joe Burrow (32.9 ADP): His match is awesome, and he’ll only get drafted 40-70% of the time because he’s the QB5 in the default rankings. Obviously, stack it with Ja’Marr Chase (6.5 ADP) and/or Tee Higgins (29.1 ADP), although double stacks are encouraged here. … Back options: Garrett Wilson (34.9 ADP) and Elijah Moore (35.9 ADP).

Level 2: less than 50% drafted

  • Kyler Murray (34.1 ADP): The Rams are stoned in the secondary and the neutral pace in this game is elitist. He has two main stacking options, Marquise Brown (35.5 ADP) and Zach Ertz (34.0 ADP), especially if the dodgy James Conner (36.0 ADP) can’t fit. With those three players going undrafted more often than not, this is too obvious a team to be overweight. Make it happen. … Bring in the options: Cooper Kupp (1.4 ADP), Tyler Higbee (34.6) and Allen Robinson (35.9 ADP).

  • Justin Herbert (32.6 ADP): His price has recently dropped due to the uncertainty of his injury, which is now factored into the betting markets. Herbert and his pass catchers would be great leverage options if we get any last minute information positive injury news. Mike Williams (24.5 ADP) and widely drafted Gerald Everett (35.2 ADP) are in perfect health, while widely undrafted Keenan Allen (35.9 ADP) is “50/50 to play.” Pay attention to the news as this could be a classic leverage game. … Back options: Christian Kirk (31.6 ADP).

Tier 3: Rarely Drafted

  • Kirk Cousins ​​(35.4 ADP): Obviously, stacks with Justin Jefferson (2.2), but Irv Smith (35.8 ADP) and Adam Thielen (35.8 ADP) are largely undrafted double-stack pairs for galaxy brains in their own right. The Vikings are projected for the most points of the week, so they’re a great, deep-sleeping Battle Royale team. … Back options: Amon-Ra St. Brown (10.0 ADP) and D’Andre Swift (21.8 ADP).

  • Matthew Stafford (35.6 ADP): Stack with Cooper Kupp (1.4 ADP) obviously, but Tyler Higbee (34.6 ADP) and Allen Robinson (35.9 ADP) are the double-stack candidates for the galaxy-brainers. … Back options: Zach Ertz (34.0 ADP) and Marquise Brown (35.5 ADP).

  • Derek Carr (35.8 ADP): The target tree goes from 3 to 2 with Hunter Renfrow out, so Davante Adams (7.7 ADP) and Darren Waller (23.9 ADP)) project better. Moreover, the match is great due to injuries. … Back options: Derrick Henry (21.0).

  • Tua Tagovailoa (34.8 ADP): The Bills are missing half of their starting defensive lineup, softening what would have been the league’s toughest unit. Tua can easily be doubled with Tyreek Hill (10.6 ADP) and Jaylen Waddle (18.4 ADP). … Back options: Stefon Diggs (3.6 ADP), Gabriel Davis (31.8 ADP) or Dawson Knox (35.7 ADP).

  • Tom Brady

  • Aaron Rodgers

  • Jared Goff

You can find my weekly rankings here to compare them to ADPs.

  • RB Alvin Kamara (35.5 ADP) – His ADP sank due to a questionable tag, but Kamara is expected to play despite his rib injury.

  • RB James Conner (36.0 ADP) – Also sunk due to a dodgy tag, Conner looks really questionable to play and could be ineffective on a depressed ankle, but these are DFS tournaments. We care about upside, and Conner has it if he plays.

  • RB David Montgomery (33.6 ADP) – Despite the enemies, Montgomery performs very well and handles two-thirds of the touches from the backfield in an offense that is 31st in neutral success rate. The Bears’ team total is 21.25 points, which is mid-back. This is a rare home favorite setup for D-Mont.

  • WR Michael Pittman (30.9 ADP) – This ADP likely climbs late, but some of the damage was done when he was undrafted in some drafts earlier in the week due to the injury report. It’s gone now, and the match is clean in the projected negative game script.

  • WR Brandin Cooks (35.6 ADP) – The Texans are 6th in neutral hit rate, and the Bears could do without LB1 Roquan Smith and CB1 Jaylon Johnson.

  • WR Marquise Brown (35.5 ADP) – The game environment is superb with Rams CB2, CB3 and CB4. No Rondale Moore and DeAndre Hopkins reduce the target share to Brown and Zach Ertz primarily.

  • TE Zach Ertz (34.0 ADP) – See above, but in general I like the elite TEs this week.

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