What could Dr Disrespect’s battle royale look like? Midnight Society, Project Moon details

Moustached FPS streamer Dr Disrespect has founded his own studio to develop a shooter to rival Warzone and Apex Legends. Here’s everything we know about the Midnight Society project and what Two-Time’s own battle royale game could look like.

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as Dr Disrespect, is one of the most popular streamers in the world. Known for his mullet, mustache, and undertones, Dr Disrespect plays a variety of the most popular FPS games – though he occasionally delivers intense reviews.

A former game developer, Dr Disrespect has now launched Midnight Society, a studio that is developing a game to rival the most popular shooters and battle royale games.

Not much is known about the upcoming project, but we’re breaking down everything we know to piece together what Dr Disrespect’s battle royale game might look like.

What will Dr Disrespect’s game look like?

Officially, we know Dr Disrespect’s game will be a “PVP online multiplayer game” built “from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5”. And while details are scarce at this point, Dr Disrespect teased that midnight society develop a “BR vertical.”

From the concept art Doc has teased, it looks like the action would take place over multiple floors, with fire acting as the “circle” that pushes players together as more and more die. This concept has probably evolved, but the Midnight Society Founders event taking place in Los Angeles on July 29 may reveal more details.

It will also adopt a different style of development, for which they coined the term “Day Zero Community”. This will involve players early in the development process where they could “test out reload times and recoil patterns at a shooting range or participate in the very first PVP sessions.”

Additionally, the game would also involve NFTs and Web3, as Dr. Disrespect announced Midnight Society’s deal with Polygon in May 2022. The deal would establish player ownership of in-game items, which could be very innovative. .

It also looks like the game will have a ranked mode at launch, with the devs confirming that “pros, players, teams, content creators” will get insight into “design decisions, feature prioritization, and balancing threads where comments could be used.

What could the battle royale of Dr Disrespect be inspired by?

Dr Disrespect will play almost anything where you can shoot a gun, but he lives by the motto “Violence, Speed, Momentum” and research in the games he plays.

After finding success in PUBG, Dr Disrespect is all over the battle royale genre and believes traditional multiplayer games like Halo Infinite need a battle royale to survive. However, it’s been extremely critical of Warzone over the past year, slamming its aim assist, server issues, lack of map changes, audio, and more.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Characters

Looking at Dr Disrespect’s catalog of games, it’s clear that the Battle Royale genre is Doc’s heart and will most certainly be at the center of his own game. complains in other shooters.

In a broadcast from June 27the Doc said the game will be inspired by the games he and the developers play, “whether it’s a battle royale game, whether it’s a survival game, whether it’s an extraction shooter-like experience…that game that we’re building is going to kind of take inspiration from all these different genres and we’re going to kind of create our own PVP/PVE story and experience.

Developers of Dr Disrespect’s Battle Royale

Dr Disrespect Battle Royale concept art

Dr Disrespect launched Midnight Society with two industry titans, Robert Bowling and Quinn Del Hoyo.

Bowling is a former Infinity Ward developer who oversaw the release of every game in the original Modern Warfare trilogy. He has since worked with gaming and esports companies such as NRG and EA, but is now co-founder and studio head of Midnight Society.

DelHoyo is a former Gears of War and Halo developer who held several positions such as multiplayer designer, lead weapons designer, and sandbox designer. He is now co-founder and creative director of Midnight Society.

Dr Disrespect vertical battle royale concept art

Here is the rest of the Midnight Society team:

  • Sumit Gupta – CEO and co-founder
  • Ryan Thompson – Gameplay Engineer
  • Eric Hallquist – Concept artist
  • HB Duran – Marketing & PR

Bowling also teased that “We have an incredible team behind the scenes, several key recruits have yet to be announced (as they complete their current roles) and we’re just getting started.”

With Dr Disrespect’s in-game talent, we got to see elements of Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo, with an emphasis on esports.

Title Dr Disrespect Battle Royale

There’s no way to know what the title of Dr Disrespect’s battle royale game will be, but it’s currently codenamed “Project Moon”. Concept art is labeled as “Vertical BR”, but this is likely for internal use only.

The title could tie into Dr Disrespect by being called “The Arena” or something along those lines, or it could be separate from Two-Time entirely.

To summarize, the game of Dr Disrespect:

  • Is a PVP online multiplayer game built on Unreal Engine 5
  • Is led by former Call of Duty and Halo developers
  • Could be a “vertical battle royale” that takes place across multiple floors of a skyscraper
  • Involve the community in its development
  • Will have a focus on esports

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Image Credit: Midnight Society / Thorsten Denk / PUBG Corporation

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