What do you get from the Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

As in previous Call of Duty titles, Call of Duty: Vanguard is confirmed to have its dedicated Battle Passes, each with over 100 levels of Operators, Weapon Blueprints, and Cosmetics to unlock. However, in the first few weeks of launch, this feature will appear a little different. That being said, here’s what you can expect from the Battle Pass in this latest game.

Since the Black Ops Cold War Season Six Battle Pass will still be available until December 2, the Season One Pass for Vanguard should be released once it is completed. Regardless, it is confirmed that Vanguard players will have access to a “Preseason” pass. Essentially, that incorporates some new Vanguard unlockables in the Season Six Pass right now – and you won’t have to purchase the current pass to unlock them.

There are 24 levels of Vanguard-exclusive items to be acquired through the Season Six Pass. Check out the list below to see which Vanguard items are currently on offer and what tiers they are in.

  • Level 1: One hour Double XP token
  • Level 6: The leading calling card
  • Level 11: 30-minute Double XP token
  • Level 15: Winged Glory Spray (Rare)
  • Level 21: One hour dual operator XP token
  • Level 24: Bonerattler Assault Rifle Blueprint (Epic)
  • Stage 28: United Force Firearm Sticker (Rare)
  • Stage 31: War Ready Emblem (Common)
  • Stage 34: White Obsidian Sniper Rifle Blueprint (Epic)
  • Stage 37: Plague Doc Charm (Epic)
  • Stage 39: One hour Double XP token
  • Stage 44: 30-minute dual weapon XP token
  • Level 48: Sunsetter Pistol Sticker (Rare)
  • Stage 55: Backstage calling card (rare)
  • Stage 61: Royal Flush Emblem (Rare)
  • Stage 64: Warning Track Assault Rifle Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Stage 67: Notched Grunt Spray (Epic)
  • Stage 72: Legacy Sniper Rifle Blueprint (Epic)
  • Stage 77: Charm Ratted Out (Legendary)
  • Stage 81: Rolling In spray (Rare)
  • Stage 84: The collective visiting card (Epic)
  • Stage 88: Peacekeeper Charm (Common)
  • Stage 94: 45 minute double XP token (epic)
  • Stage 98: Timed watch (Epic)

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