What is the gray “Battle Pass” in the Pokémon GO store?


A new addition to Pokemon GO The in-game store has left some players confused this week. This happened at the start of the Alola season, which players had been preparing for due to the news cycle and blog entries. This new addition, however, was not mentioned with the Alola news as it is actually related to GO Battle League. It was a gray “Battle Pass” that appeared in the store for free. So what is it?

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Niantic released the following details about their Pokemon GO Battle League Season 11 Announcement:

Timed Research Ticket: BATTLE For our most dedicated fighters, a Timed Research Ticket will be available for free in the store once the Interlude Season begins. This timed search will keep track of your wins throughout the season. Each research page will require progressively more wins to complete, which will reward you with a small amount of Stardust. Keep going throughout the season to see how far you can go!

Niantic also posted an update on Gyms:

A new visual update will be released in March for Arenas and PokéStops. These in-game locations will now visually differ depending on whether you are within 40m, within 80m, or out of range of the location. This change is purely visual in nature and will not impact gameplay.

These changes come at a controversial time for Niantic. Although these two adjustments are respectively beneficial and harmless, the Pokemon GO The community is in turmoil over a much more impactful change that many believe has negatively affected the game. decision prevents players with disabilities from enjoying the game. Others believe that Niantic is simply returning the game to its pre-pandemic state. We’ll be watching to see how it all shakes out.

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