What’s included and is it worth it?

Halo Infinite has its own Battle Pass with levels and rewards to unlock. It’s ultimately up to the player if it’s worth it or not.

The Battle Pass for Infinite Halo includes special content that might be worth it for new players. While players will have to wait until December 8 to get their hands on the single player campaign of Infinite HaloMicrosoft decided to drop multiplayer early to celebrate the Halo 20th anniversary.

Xbox and PC users can experience the full multiplayer experience for free. While the multiplayer itself is free, Infinite Halo offers a Battle Pass that players can subscribe to. Like many other titles with a Battle Pass, it is used as a progression system that rewards players with premium content.


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While the game is currently in beta and the full version releases on December 8, Season 1 of Infinite Halo has already started. Players can purchase the Battle Pass for $10 USD. While Season 1 won’t end until May 2022, this Battle Pass is different because it will never expire. Even when the season is coming to an end, players can still complete all the tasks they need. There is no time limit, which is a nice change of pace.

Every Halo Infinite Multiplayer Free Track Reward

Halo Infinite Multiplayer How To Level Up Fast

the Infinite Halo Battle Pass for Season 1 is split into two different categories, Free Track Rewards and Premium Track Rewards. Players who should pick up the Battle Pass will have access to both. These are all the rewards for the free path.

  • Tier 1 Reward: FUI backdrop.
  • Tier 6 Reward: Bryce visor.
  • Level 11 Reward: Stone green armor coating.
  • Level 16 Reward: Calm position of the flower.
  • Level 21 Reward: ENAV Beacon Chest.
  • Level 26 Reward: Vandal visor.
  • Level 32 Reward: Old code AI color.
  • Level 36 Reward: LUMU AI model.
  • Level 41 Reward: Lilac Tempest Armor Shader.
  • Level 46 Reward: Agathius left shoulder.
  • Level 49 Reward: Right shoulder of Agathius.
  • Level 50 Reward: Dynasty visor.
  • Level 56 Reward: Ghost Gray Armor Shader.
  • Level 61 Reward: Kill Count Backdrop.
  • Level 66 Reward: Karaba Sirocco Armor Shader.
  • Level 71 Reward: M557 Jackplate Chest.
  • Level 76 Reward: Noble Portal Armor Shader.
  • Level 81 Reward: Pioneer helmet.
  • Level 84 Reward: Airwolf helmet accessory.
  • Level 86 Reward: Claw marks backdrop.
  • Level 89 Reward: M550D half-plate chest.
  • Level 91 Reward: Special delivery position.
  • Level 94 Reward: Dragon visor.
  • Level 96 Reward: MARK VII helmet.
  • Level 98 Reward: ARMET helmet mount.
  • Level 100 Reward: Type II-A1 shield wrist.

Every Halo Infinite Multiplayer Premium Track Reward

Halo Paramount armor plus Master Chief

With that, Infinite Halo players can unlock a reward at each level.

  • Tier 1 Reward: MARK V armor core.
  • Tier 2 Reward: Mount for UA/TYPE B1 helmet.
  • Tier 3 Reward: Smash the trunk of the kit.
  • Tier 4 Reward: P1DA cuff.
  • Tier 5 Reward: Blue Rampage Armor Shader.
  • Tier 6 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Tier 7 Reward: Left shoulder in EVA.
  • Tier 8 Reward: Right shoulder in EVA.
  • Tier 9 Reward: TAC Willow helmet mount.
  • Level 10 Reward: EVA helmet.
  • Level 11 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 12 Reward: TAC/MAT communication box.
  • Level 13 Reward: MC5 TACPAD wristband.
  • Level 14 Reward: Noble Principle Armor Shader.
  • Level 15 Reward: Commando helmet.
  • Level 16 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 17 Reward: Noble helmet.
  • Level 18 Reward: Accessory for Courier Pearl headset.
  • Level 19 Reward: Noble position of command.
  • Level 20 Reward: CARTER-A259 Armor Kit.
  • Level 21 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 22 Reward: Noble nameplate.
  • Level 23 Reward: Noble Weapon Charm.
  • Level 24 Reward: FGM Tactical Kit Chest.
  • Level 25 Reward: FASCIA helmet attachment.
  • Level 26 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 27 Reward: Wrist SRT UGPS.
  • Level 28 Reward: System of systems backdrop.
  • Level 29 Reward: T-MAGS chest.
  • Level 30 Reward: Aviator helmet.
  • Level 31 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 32 Reward: SAP/SNP left shoulder pad.
  • Level 33 Reward: SAP/SNP right shoulder pad.
  • Level 34 Reward: Noble Observer Armor Shader.
  • Level 35 Reward: Scout helmet.
  • Level 36 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 37 Reward: ARGON helmet attachment.
  • Level 38 Reward: Desert Patrol Chest.
  • Level 39 Reward: Noble striking position.
  • Level 40 Reward: JUN-A266 Armor Kit.
  • Level 41 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 42 Reward: Noble armor emblem.
  • Level 43 Reward: Recon parcel trunk.
  • Level 44 Reward: Find and evaluate the position.
  • Level 45 Reward: Recon helmet.
  • Level 46 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 47 Reward: MK59E helmet mount.
  • Level 48 Reward: Challenger gloves.
  • Level 49 Reward: Critical path backdrop.
  • Level 50 Reward: Judgment Phoenix Kill Effect.
  • Level 51 Reward: XP To strenghten.
  • Level 52 Reward: FJ type knee pads.
  • Level 53 Reward: M45 Hardcase utility.
  • Level 54 Reward: Noble Intercessor Armor Shader.
  • Level 55 Reward: Air Assault Helmet.
  • Level 56 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 57 Reward: Noble vehicle emblem.
  • Level 58 Reward: Starlight helmet mount.
  • Level 59 Reward: Noble position of trust.
  • Level 60 Reward: CATHERINE-B320 Armor Kit.
  • Level 61 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 62 Reward: ODST left shoulder pad.
  • Level 63 Reward: ODST Right Shoulder Pad
  • Level 64 Reward: Helljumper visor.
  • Level 65 Reward: ODST helmet.
  • Level 66 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 67 Reward: ODST trunk.
  • Level 68 Reward: Keep It Clean Weapon Charm.
  • Level 69 Reward: AI Super Tone color.
  • Level 70 Reward: Superintendent AI model.
  • Level 71 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 72 Reward: JOR knee pads.
  • Level 73 Reward: Trunk locked.
  • Level 74 Reward: Noble Defender Armor Shader.
  • Level 75 Reward: Grenadier helmet.
  • Level 76 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 77 Reward: Faithful visor.
  • Level 78 Reward: E3 type helmet mount.
  • Level 79 Reward: Position of noble justice.
  • Level 80 Reward: JORGE-052 Armor Kit
  • Level 81 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 82 Reward: MKVI left shoulder pad.
  • Level 83 Reward: MKVI right shoulder pad.
  • Level 84 Reward: MARK VI helmet.
  • Level 85 Reward: Cloak of Judgment armor effect.
  • Level 86 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 87 Reward: M10 Tactical Soft Case Utility.
  • Level 88 Reward: CCAC Wrist.
  • Level 89 Reward: Noble Executioner Armor Shader.
  • Level 90 Reward: EVA [C] Helmet.
  • Level 91 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 92 Reward: Visigoth visor.
  • Level 93 Reward: Sapper Chest.
  • Level 94 Reward: Noble fury stance.
  • Level 95 Reward: EMILE-A239 Armor Kit.
  • Level 96 Reward: Boost XP.
  • Level 97 Reward: Helmet of Judgment armor effect.
  • Level 98 Reward: MIA visor.
  • Level 99 Reward: Armor coating of redacted documents.
  • Level 100 Reward: Judgment Flames Set of mythical effects.

Premium Track Rewards Players With Ancient Armor Sets Halo titles like Halo 3: ODST and Reach Halo. There are a lot of ways Infinite Halo looks like Halo 3 outside of armor sets. Ultimately, determining whether the Battle Pass is worth it comes down to the player’s personal preference.

Infinite HaloThe Battle Pass will reward players with cosmetic items that do nothing to alter competitive gameplay. This means that free players and Battle Pass owners will experience much of the same game. The only difference is that players who have the Battle Pass will have more costume and flare options. Not only that, but players can also earn extra XP tokens through the Battle Pass.

Claiming the Battle Pass allows players to level up faster than playing for free. Every few levels, players will be rewarded with an XP Boost.

  • XP Grant: This is an item that will instantly give players 250 XP for their Battle Pass.
  • Double XP bonus: This will reward players with double XP for 30 minutes.
  • Purchase Levels: Players can also purchase individual tiers using real money. To purchase the entire Battle Pass from start to finish, players will cost around $200. This is the fastest method but also the most expensive.

Because Infinite Halo is completely free for multiplayer, it is recommended to take the Battle Pass. Not only is it a way to support a game the player enjoys, but it also gives players more to do in Infinite Halo. With 100 levels of unlockables, players will have a long way to go to reach the top.

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Infinite Halo is available now on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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