When is Warzone Realism Battle Royale coming back?

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp mysteriously disappeared for several hours, but that didn’t stop Call of Duty UK’s Twitter from hilariously trolling platforms.

With millions of people using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on a daily basis, it’s no surprise their outage has sparked an uproar online. In fact, the outages were all that most people could talk about online.

Three of the most popular social platforms have gone down for no reason for their downtime. However, these outages did not affect Twitter.

Many Twitter users used the remaining platform to poke fun at Facebook’s head office. While this could have been a downside for many, it produced some hilarious memes, with Call of Duty UK’s Twitter account providing one of the best referencing Warzone.

Amid the blackouts, CoD UK released an image of what looked like a squad on the verge of being wiped out in Warzone. However, the names of the players have been changed.

The three “players” shot were Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The last remaining player was, of course, Twitter. Twitter being the last player alive, it’s up to them to complete the mission.

And as the day went on, Twitter accomplished the mission of staying alive. However, outages at Facebook headquarters are more serious than a minor outage.

Why did Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crash?

Social platforms that experience short outages from time to time are not too rare. They can occur for several reasons including high server traffic, scheduled maintenance, etc. Yet the Facebook outage is derived from “network problems”.

According to The Verge, the outages shattered nearly every internal system that Facebook employees use to communicate and work. Facebook engineers have been dispatched to US data centers to help troubleshoot the issues. However, it was Facebook’s most serious outage in years.

Facebook’s chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer tweeted that the team was having network issues but was working as fast as possible to restore services.

For those who don’t use Facebook, this may not have been as big an event as it is for others. Nonetheless, it has been fun taking advantage of all the memes with Call of Duty UK providing one of the funniest ones, especially for Call of Duty: Warzone fans.

For more from Warzone, check out the Mountain Dew and Doritos crossover with CoD, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

Image credits: Activision / Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp

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