Why Fortnite Players Hate The Current Battle Pass System

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite’s current Battle Pass system is getting a lot of criticism from players. Even after being a boon for free-to-play players, changing the reward system over the seasons only made things worse. Unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints about the pass, and it seems like Epic Games has been ignoring them for a while.

When Epic Games introduced the Battle Pass system in Season Two, players didn’t have to grind as much. Moreover, they could choose any reward after unlocking the levels. However, that all changed after the Battle Star system was overhauled in Chapter 2 Season 7. Even after getting enough stars, players had to reach a required level to unlock the pages.

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Players can unlock a few rewards as they wish, but many now require a prerequisite or base item. Even buying tiers would mean that players will now have to purchase unwanted Battle Pass Tiers in Fortnite. Naturally, they asked Epic Games to return to the original system.

The new Fortnite Battle Pass system becomes a meme

Ever since Epic Games reworked Battle Stars and rolled out the new Battle Pass system in Chapter 2 Season 7, many players have been unhappy. Twitter and Reddit are full of complaints from players about the amount of rewards they need to get in the new system. Naturally, the complaints quickly turned into a meme, mocking both the Battle Pass and players who dislike it.

u/SemelQ recently shared a video on the Fortnite subreddit. The video was a meme about how Battle Royale game players want to have all the Battle Pass rewards without having to level up. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with players who resorted to why they didn’t like the current Battle Pass system.

The only issue players have with the new system is how the additional styles also require upgrading. Previously, there were challenges for additional styles, and players could easily unlock them. However, under the new system, players must reach level 150-200 to unlock all rewards and fully utilize the pass.

Since the Fortnite Battle Pass only offers unique cosmetics, players hardly want to miss them. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have time to grind all the levels.

Reddit reacts to Fortnite’s current Battle Pass

After the video posted by u/SemelQ went viral on Reddit, many gamers started commenting on the post to express their issues with the Battle Pass. The most common issue seems to be players being forced to purchase unwanted cosmetics like sprays, loading screens, and wraps.

There are obviously two sides to the coin, with many people preferring the current system to the previous one. However, the majority opinion seems to be that there is a lack of choice with Fortnite’s current Battle Pass.

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